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Benefits of working for a temp agency

10 Benefits of Working for a Temp Agency

Working for a temp agency can provide you with the flexibility, support and skills you need to achieve a work-life balance and progress in your career. A variety of industries hire temporary employees, from finance to the creative arts.

But what counts as a ‘temp’, and what are the benefits of working for an agency?

An agency temp worker has a contract with an agency and works for one agency’s clients. The agency’s client manages the agency worker daily, while the agency handles the pay and other admin responsibilities.

So, what are some of the main benefits?

1. Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of temping is the flexibility it affords.

Temping allows you to give a role a go without making a long-term commitment. When one temp job ends, you can take on another temp position or move to something completely different!

Temporary work also enables people with other commitments to choose their hours and fit their work around their busy schedules.

2. Network

Temp agencies – especially those in the business for years – have cultivated huge client networks. You can leverage this network for your benefit as a temp worker instead of relying on your own for work.

3. Speed

Everyone knows that getting a job can be time-consuming, with application-to-hiring timelines sometimes lasting weeks (or even months).

Temp agency timelines are often much shorter. If you want to start work as soon as possible, consider signing up with a temp agency. Organizations often need someone to hit the ground running temporarily, especially during staff shortages.

While there are no guarantees, you could be working within the week.

4. Representation

Temp agencies represent their clients – including the organizations that require temp workers and the temp workers themselves.

A good temp agency will advocate for you and help you understand your employment terms. They will also help you prepare for interviews and provide sufficient information about the company you’ll be temping at.

5. Temp-to-perm

If you’re looking for a permanent position, don’t write off temping just yet: getting a temp position can be your foot in the door.

Temping can be a great way to access permanent positions. Some temps become permanent employees at the end of their contract. It all depends on your goals, rapport with the company, and the employers’ circumstances.

6. Skills

Temporary workers are skilled individuals who can switch between roles with ease.

As a temp, you’ll learn different processes and systems quickly. You’ll also have the chance to develop your interpersonal, multitasking and time-management skills; things you can apply to perm or temp roles in the future.

7. CV

Believe it or not, temp agency work can be a great addition to your CV.

Don’t forget to add your temporary roles to your CV and application forms. Outline your primary responsibilities, and in interviews, be ready to explain how your temping experience has helped shape you professionally.

You can also add your temp recruiter as a reference for future work.

8. Matchmaking

A quality temp recruiter will listen closely to your skills, needs and goals and match you with compatible temporary positions.

In this sense, temping can be a great way to further your career or gain permanent experience in the type of company you’d be interested in working for.

9. Admin

Another of the many benefits of working for a temp agency is that you won’t have to deal with lots of admin because the agency will handle it for you. Unlike a self-employed person, you’ll be paid by the agency on a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) basis.

Typically, you’ll be expected to submit an online timesheet at the end of each week that details the hours you’ve worked. The staffing agency will handle your tax and national insurance contributions so that you can focus on your work and career ambitions.

10. Employee rights

Even though you’re employed by the employment agency (not the organization you’re doing the work for), you still have employee rights as an agency worker.

In the UK, these include:

  • Paid holiday days.
  • Minimum wage pay.
  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).
  • Parental leave (unpaid), with conditions.
  • No discrimination based on age, race, sexuality, or disability.
  • Use of the workplace facilities for staff, such as the canteen, crèche or nursery.
  • After 12 weeks – paid time off for antenatal appointments if pregnant.
  • After 12 weeks – same basic pay and working conditions as permanent staff if any are doing comparable work to you.

(Source: moneyhelper.org)

Start your temp agency journey today

If you’ve been considering becoming a temp but weren’t sure of the benefits of temp work, we hope we’ve equipped you with the knowledge you need to make a more informed decision.

From matchmaking to the chance to ‘go perm’, joining a temping agency can be well worth your time!