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Best Job Search Websites

What Are The Best Job Search Websites

If you’ve ever applied for a job online, you know there are thousands of websites with job listings. The very best job search engine and job board sites have special search tools that are simple to use and let you find a job based on industry, location, position name, and other important criteria. So what are some of the best job search websites?

Some of the best sites to find a job are the more traditional job boards, such as MonsterCareerBuilder, and ZipRecruiter. Other sites, such as Indeed.com, give you the chance to search a number of company career sites, job boards, associations, and other places jobs are posted. You can even search for job opportunities directly through Google.

Then there are the job search sites built around certain positions or built around matching you with employees. Those are the sites worth making part of your job search efforts, as not every employer lists their job on every site, no matter how much it seems that way. You should never limit yourself to using just one job site. Each site will only list jobs from particular companies and websites. Job search engines such as SimplyHired.com and Indeed.com offer listings from a range of different sources. Each job search site will also have their own search options that you can leverage to find a specific kind of job.

Utilize Different Job Search Methods

Try a few different sites to see which ones work best for what you need. You may be wondering what’s the difference between job boards and job search engines is. A job board generally includes positions posted by employers, while a job search engine will aggregate job listings from company websites and job boards alike. Many sites also offer advanced search options for narrowing down the results even further to find jobs that best fit your qualifications, skills, and interests. Make sure to look at the advanced search options no matter which job search site you are using.

Don’t forget that career coaches recommend dedicating just 10% of job searching time to online job boards. Don’t neglect to use social media, network, research companies to do cold outreach, and attend job fairs to land a job.

Job search methods

What are the top job search websites? Look no further, you’ll find the job search website list below. As an addition to this list you might also be interested to check the top niche job search websites.

The Best Websites With Job Listings

1. Indeed

Indeed.com is one of the best job sites, packed full of millions of job listings aggregated from thousands of sites, including job boards, company career pages, classified ads, associations, and other online resources. Users are able to upload their resume and get a personalized link they can share with employers. Indeed.com also makes it easy to research things such as job trends and salaries.

2. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is among the largest job boards on the web. It offers resume posting, job listings, and career advice for job seekers, as well as other resources. The job listings on CareerBuilder.com are provided by employers, and the website has partnered up with a variety of newspapers to expand their local job listings with online classified ads.

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor offers a career community for helping people find jobs and helping companies find the best talent. Members can find job postings and access all the user-generated content including ratings, reviews, and salary reports of specific companies, interview questions, and much more.

4. Monster

Monster.com was one of the first online job boards and has expanded over the years to provide additional resources for job seekers. Users on the site can search for jobs online and apply for them directly, post their resume, review different companies, get career advice, and find out salary information.

5. SimplyHired

SimplyHired goes through countless job boards, company sites, and classified ads to find jobs for users. It provides advanced search options including search by job type, company type, keywords, location, and date a job posting was made. SimplyHired also offers information about the local job market for towns and cities, giving users a sense of what they can find where they live. The site has information on the average salaries of jobs as well, based on location and job title.

6. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter enables users to search through millions of jobs. Search using trending jobs and titles, and company name. Creating a free account allows you to sign up for job alerts and upload your resume to the website, making it easier to apply for jobs.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn connects professionals from around the world to help them achieve success and be more productive. It is the largest online professional network in the world. LinkedIn allows you to search for jobs, find contacts with employers advertising vacancies, and follow the companies that interest you most. Users are able to add portfolio samples to their profile in order to show off what they can bring to potential employers. LinkedIn is great for candidates doing passive job searches where employers will look for them rather than the other way around.

8. Google Careers

Google Careers is a Google service that helps job seekers to find the best job openings for them. It is a search engine that combines results from a variety of sources, including different job search engines. There’s no need to use specific job search sites when Google allows you to simply search for the job you want and get related listings. You then have the choice of narrowing the results by the location, type of job, type of company, date posted, and other criteria.

9. Jooble

Jooble collects job vacancies from job boards, company pages, newspapers, and recruitment agencies. The user starts the search on the site by entering the city and the name of the vacancy. Filters are available to sort ads by city distance, date, salary, and employer name. Full-time and part-time jobs are indexed, as well as internships and freelance jobs.

10. JobisJob

JobisJob pols together job listings from different job boards. Users can take advantage of the social search options to find connections with companies for networking. By signing up for a free membership, you are able to save job listings and filters for easier access in the future. You can also get email alerts about the latest jobs. JobisJob also offers a free mobile app.

11. Idealist

Idealist is the ideal place for those looking to find internships and volunteer positions with non-profit organizations. Users can find a target organization by their goals and mission, and find specific opportunities within a niche. Registered users have the option of finding contacts in organizations and fields that interest them. They can then message these people to network with them.

Hopefully you found this job search website list useful. If you want to suggest a great websites with job listings, comment below.

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