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10 Best Sites To Find Gig Jobs and Part-Time Work

These days more people than ever before are taking on gig work, whether using it as their primary career or as a way to give themselves extra money. Gigs are temporary positions, typically part-time. It’s common to find gig jobs in the creative and IT industries, but every industry has gig jobs.

The Top 10 Sites for Finding Gig Jobs

There are a number of sites for finding gigs, part time jobs, freelance jobs, and more. You could use generic job search sites such as Monster.com, but make sure that you’re only searching for freelance jobs and part-time work.

Look through our list and find the best gig job site for your needs.


Fiverr claims they are the largest global network for freelancers. They offer freelance positions for several fields, from graphic design and tech, to writing and music. Jobs are typically for $5 or $10, making the site great for building a portfolio even if you aren’t set to make a lot of money.


Upwork has a range of different projects – including ongoing and fixed period work – for freelancers. They offer hourly jobs as well as fixed-price ones. Users are able to track hours and be paid directly through Upwork, keeping the process of working on multiple contracts streamlined.


Flexjobs lists a range of flexible, part-time jobs in telecommuting for freelancers. Users must pay a monthly fee for the service, but the site vets all of the employers listing their jobs which protects everyone from scams. They have jobs across 55 categories meaning every employee has a wealth of options.


Freelancer.com has a range of different jobs and job opportunities encompassing hourly and fixed-price projects. Users also have “contests” they can submit to, where job seekers send in work for projects and are awarded a prize when their work is chosen. Job seekers make bids on job listings, receiving the job should they get accepted.


Gigster is a niche site specifically made for people finding gigs in IT, focusing on software development in particular. Gigster requires users to be screened to get accepted to work with the site, and the site takes a percentage from every project fee. However, a number of the posted jobs are quite lucrative, making this a great site for IT professionals who want gig work.


Guru hosts thousands of different freelance jobs across many categories. Search through jobs by the category, payment type (hourly or fixed-price), location, and more. Users can post their previous work and showcase their skills as well. There is a virtual “Work Room” in Guru where users can schedule tasks, stay in touch with employees, share material, and agree on their payment.


Behance.net is designed for people working in the creative industries such as photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and more. Use the site to showcase what you can do and search for gigs or part-time work. Gigs can be searched by keywords, locations, fields, and companies.


LocalSolo provides freelancers with several gigs across a range of industries. The website first listed just jobs involving face-to-face interaction with employers, but they now have telecommuting jobs. The website stays out of payments and contracts, giving control to employers and freelancers. It also offers users the ability to directly network with one another.


TaskRabbit allows users to post help requests to deal with tasks and chores, ranging from cleaing houses, moving boxes, and making deliveries. TaskRabbit notifies people of nearby jobs, allowing them to select which ones they want. There are less creative and IT jobs as the other websites in our list, but they are extremely flexible when it comes to finding jobs.


Toptal makes it easier for freelancers in finance and IT to find gigs. The jobs here include coding and web design financial modelling, as well as software engineering. Toptal are strict and only accept a small amount of the freelancers applying to work. Freelancers must complete screening processes and go through interviews first. If you do get accepted however, then you’re given access to some of the best finance and IT jobs around.

I hope you found this list of gig jobs useful. Think we missed a gig job site that should be on the list? Let us know and comment below.

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