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How to Tell if a Company’s Culture is Right for You

Building a successful career often involves applying for a new job. Before accepting, you must carry out some reconnaissance on the company’s culture.

A Glassdoor survey discovered that 56% of employees prioritize a contented work environment above a high salary. Positive culture can help your career flourish, resulting in at least 12% increased productivity. Negativity can be highly damaging to your prospects.

According to the American Institute of Stress, 62% of employees suffer acute anxiety through being in a workplace with an unfavorable atmosphere. Evaluating a company’s culture relies on a few key factors.

What’s Your Impression of the Workplace?

When you attend an interview, you can learn a great deal by being observant. You should see something of the place where you could soon be working. In a positive culture, you should sense a relaxed atmosphere. Even if you have only a brief opportunity to glance around, see who works there. Positive company culture means there should be visible diversity with employees from a variety of backgrounds.

A detailed McKinsey study believes a diverse workforce should improve productivity. It means diversity could lead to your new company gaining the resources needed for potential growth. In turn, expansion and higher productivity should result in increased opportunities for promotion.

Make sure you listen as you walk through the office building. You’ll probably hear how people address each other. In a positive company culture, you should hear friendly, polite tones, perhaps some laughter. There could even be indications of colleagues helping each other to solve problems. Negativity in the workplace usually results in cold, rude manners and a stressful atmosphere.

Remember to Ask Your Own Questions

Interviewers generally welcome intelligent questioning from candidates. It is an integral part of interview coaching as it demonstrates you are confident, diligent and ready to collaborate. An important topic you should ask about is teamwork. In a positive company culture, there is often a reliance on collaboration, particularly between managers and employees.

It is important to learn the company’s attitude in this respect. Data compiled by Zippia highlights that 75% of colleagues value the importance of teamwork. Interestingly, 86% of managers believe a lack of collaboration inevitably leads to project failure.

By asking your questions, you can assess whether the interviewer’s attitude is defensive or open. In a positive company culture, there should be enthusiasm as the interviewer explains how the workforce functions as a team. Significantly, a Harvard Business Review emphasized how teamwork affects morale.

How Morale Affects Your Career Prospects

A company culture that displays positive attitudes usually results in higher levels of morale. A report by Teamstage states that 33% of HR executives believe morale is an integral part of business success. When you work in such an atmosphere, you should feel energized and enthusiastic.

Positive morale means you can look forward to each working day. According to a report by CNBC, negative morale means you’ll be joining the 44% who want to move to a new job. Company morale should not be underestimated. It is an important factor in your career development.

Logically, a company with good morale stands a greater chance of retaining its employees. A 2021 survey by Gallup revealed that 36% of Americans are highly engaged with their work. A positive workplace culture helps inspire this reliable core of employees to be loyal to the company. These are the colleagues you should want to work alongside.

As highly motivated, talented individuals, they will have valuable skills and work ethics. You can benefit enormously by learning their methodology in project development. Positivity, morale and company loyalty can have an incredible influence on your career. Such traits may not be immediately obvious, but you can often find out more through social media.

Investigate Company Culture on Social Media

Every company has thriving social media connections such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They have become a fundamental part of business life. It’s how companies engage with their customers. Reading comments can help you form an opinion on company culture. It’s often problems that provide valuable information.

Customers with a grievance might remark how helpful and considerate the company has been. Problem-solving highlights the attitudes within a business. Measures to counteract customer negativity indicate the company has a responsible, positive attitude.

The online site, Glassdoor, displays anonymous comments from employees about the companies they work for. Can the reviews be trusted? According to HRMagazine.com, 69% of users consider Glassdoor a reliable source of information.

Assessing a Company’s Website

You can usually learn about a company’s initiatives from its website. Details should be displayed about training schemes, promotion opportunities and events. According to the Washington Post, 81% of large businesses and 53% of much smaller companies encourage wellness programs for their employees.

Wellness initiatives and mental health concerns are currently emotive topics. They are creditable initiatives companies want to publicize on their websites. Such reassurance of a caring attitude scores highly in positivity and morale.

You can also discover valuable information if the website or company’s Facebook page includes a gallery of photographs. You’ll be able to see how offices are arranged and if employees appear engaged and enthusiastic. Reward schemes for productivity are an indication of positive morale. Social occasions such as team-building days out and activities will inevitably be mentioned.


A new job can help further your career. However, for you to thrive in a different environment, the company culture needs to be a positive one. High morale amongst your new colleagues is a vital part of your enthusiasm and productivity. An inspiring company usually has a diverse workforce.

There should also be a positive attitude regarding the welfare of employees and customers. You’ll benefit from the positivity of good morale and employee loyalty. Experienced, talented colleagues should be around to teach you valuable lessons. Assessing a company’s culture is vital for your career prospects.

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