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30+ Free Cover Letter Templates

On this page you can find a great selection of free cover letter templates in different formats and many different styles.

Start by picking the format such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Photoshop. Browse the selection and pick the template that suits your job search need and the profession that you are applying for. You can also download matching resume templates.

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Our Library of Free Cover Letter Templates

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Photoshop Cover Letter Templates

Creative cover letter templates for Photoshop. Select the template you are interested in and download the fully layered psd file.

What is a good cover letter like?

A cover letter is still an important part of the job search, usually in either written or video form. Here we have compiled the most important tips for a job seeker preparing a cover letter.

A cover letter serves as a support for the resume and provides an opportunity to tell about your motivation for the job applied for and to show one’s personality alongside the competence.

Cover letters are traditionally free-form, but sometimes a form application is used instead of the cover letter or you are asked to apply in video format.  

Traditional cover letter

In addition to the resume, a written document is the most traditional format of a cover letter. A written application can be sent both in response to a job advertisement and as an open application to a specific company. Here are some tips for writing a cover letter:

  • Remember to sell your skills to your employer. Explain how the company will benefit from hiring you.
  • Show your motivation for the job – tell what inspires you in the company and position.
  • Meet the expectations expressed in the job advertisement to the best of your ability.
  • Bring out your personality and tell about your character, but keep in mind how your qualities relate to the job applied.

Mistakes to avoid in your cover letter

As mentioned, a cover letter is free-form, so no one right solution works for everyone. The most important thing is that you get to tell about skill, achievements and why you are a good fit for the job. However, before submitting your cover letter, please check the following:

  • Were you just telling about why you want the job? In your cover letter, focus on what the company gets by hiring you.
  • Does the cover letter show that you have done your homework and researched the company? Show that you are genuinely motivated and interested in this particular employer and job.
  • Check for typos – for example, ask a friend or spouse to read the application before submitting it.
  • Submit the cover letter in PDF format so that the formatting does not change at the recipient’s end and the application is guaranteed to open.