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Create impressive video resume

How to Create an Impressive Video Resume

The present era is digitally driven. Everything that we see and do is now based on new technologies. The typical paper and pencil is no more in demand and the traditional working criteria have now been modernized. People no longer have time to read a handwritten application or receive in hand mails, rather everything is now put up on the computer, and sent via emails. A video resume is another example of this modification, which allows you to speak directly to your immediate employer and show your expertise that makes you qualified for a certain role. It is a short video that you can use to introduce yourself for specific hiring and is submitted along with the resume and/or cover letter.

Here are some tips to help you create an impressive video resume:

Focus on Skills

While making a video, be sure you do not divert away from the important content of your video. The main focus of your video is highlighting your skills. A video resume is short and precise so it is recommended to keep them limited to one or at maximum two topics. Avoid adding unrelated extra information but do describe your skills in a way that explains yourself in a brief but in a comprehensive manner.

Attire & Space for the Video

While you record your video, your attire and the place where you are recording the video should be very professional. A video shot in a t-shirt, somewhere in your bedroom never gives a professional outlook to your personality. Always be very picky about your background and the way you dress. Your appearance matters a lot to the people who might be working with you in near future.

Discuss Details & Show Personality

Show your personality and qualification in the video resume that you have not been able to add in your written resume, or even if you have added, then you haven’t added details of it. Describing the same things, again and again, takes the focus away and makes the viewer feel bored. Video is made with the purpose of engaging better with the hiring managers and recruiters, thus new elements should be defined in the video so it all flows well and is natural.

Be Creative

Do not just sit in front of the camera and start explaining yourself. This is not the purpose for making the video for your resume. Think out of the box. There are several platforms that can offer creative templates for your video. You can go for whiteboard concepts, animation, use props, incorporate multimedia aspects, or develop a conversational style. The video can be made as creative as you want, just a little brainstorming is needed.

Editing Techniques

Editing is very essential. A raw video can never be sent forward without some touch-ups. Many video editing tools are available and you can make good use of those for adding professionality and essence to your video. Make your video a polished one, with HD colors, smooth transitions, maybe adding a background soundtrack or any other feature that would make your video stand out.

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