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Is December a Great Time to Find a Job?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023 by Career Reload

It’s almost the new year and that inspired me to write about the most common question related to job search that is on peoples mind around this time of the year. About now is when most people wonder if it’s even possible to find a job in December or if they’re just wasting their time by applying. The short answer is that December is neither the right or wrong time to search for work. In actuality it’s a bit of both.

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Reasons you should look for work in December

As the holiday season approaches, many job seekers put their search on hold, assuming that companies are winding down their hiring efforts. Here are some reasons why you should consider looking for work in December:

Seasonal work

A lot of industries are at their busiest during this period. If you want to work in commerce/retail, hospitality, or a similar industry, then December is the time to do it. Companies really need more hands on deck. Companies hire temporary employees to work the busy holiday period, which is known as seasonal hiring. Seasonal hiring mostly happens around December. Seasonal work is a fantastic way to get some money in your pocket and get a head start working for the company you’ve been dreaming of working with.

The jobs being posted are open

If you happen to come across a job posting in early December, chances are that the hiring company is in a rush to fill the position before the holiday season kicks in. So, you might want to keep a close eye on your inbox because you are more likely to hear back from them.

Less competition

There’s far less competition when applying for jobs in December. Most people already have a job and are preparing to pick up their bonuses. People prefer to wait until they’ve received their bonus before considering a job switch. Most people also feel that December is a bad time to find a job, meaning that you have less candidates to compete with. Recruiters struggle to fill roles in December, so they may be more receptive to cold emails and candidates without the right background.

Budgets opening-up

Many companies have money left in their budget at the end of the year and are looking to fill positions before their budgets reset for the new year. This could mean increased job openings and more opportunities for you to secure a new job.

Networking opportunities

The holiday season is a great time to network with family, friends, and acquaintances. You never know who might know of a job opening or be able to introduce you to someone who can help with your job search.

More time putting together a high quality application

Most people have more free time during the holidays because they have more days off. If you’re someone that typically has a very full schedule, then you may find you have more time to put together a high quality application during December.

Why December isn’t the best time to find a job

December can be a challenging month to find new job opportunities, as many companies tend to wind down their hiring process during this time of the year.

There aren’t as many job openings

The amount of open jobs tends to dip at the end of the year. Companies start filling spots during the first half of the year, which is when the budgets get approved. While not every job can be filled in during January, companies will hardly wait until December to fill in a position. With less jobs being posted you’ll have a harder time finding something specific. The good news is those jobs could quickly appear in January and February.

Most recruiters are on vacation

Don’t forget that recruiters go on vacation just like everyone else. The best time to take these days off is across the holiday period as recruiting slows down. This means you could be left waiting longer to hear back from a recruiter and push through the hiring process.

Upcoming vacations can affect start dates and giving notice

There’s a good chance you have a pre-planned vacation in December that you’ll need to work around should a job offer come your way. You may have to wait a while to give your notice and begin working at your new job. Your own vacation can get in the way, but don’t forget that your manager might also be on vacation. That can affect when you are able to give your notice and make the transition. Just explain the time restrictions when you get the offer, and most hiring managers and recruiters will understand your situation.


Overall, while it’s not impossible to find a job in December, it can be more challenging than at other times of the year. Keep your job search strategies fresh and stay persistent if you’re actively looking for a job. Networking, career fairs, and reaching out to recruiters can help you find a job during the holidays.

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