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Exciting Careers To Choose From

9 Exciting Careers To Choose From

Exploring your career prospects after graduation can be an exciting journey full of opportunities waiting to be captured. Every career option has its unique rewards and challenges. But you should always consider the most thrilling and fulfilling career pathways for your future.

85% of employees are not engaged at work. On the other hand, 90% of employees are ready to switch to a more meaningful career. Therefore, it makes sense to go with the most exciting career to stay productive at work and always come home knowing you’ve contributed to society’s betterment. Consider these amazing careers:

Emergency services

As natural disasters and emergencies have become more frequent, America’s healthcare system needs more qualified individuals to respond to these events. Pandemics, cyberattacks, hazardous spills, and many other emergencies contribute to more investment in this field. The BLS expects the emergency management industry to grow by 3% in this decade. It offers a competitive average salary of around $74,500 a year and a pretty exciting career prospect filled with many challenges.

Joining emergency management means making a difference in the community and working in a work environment where you must always be prepared for emergencies. These emergency management careers allow you to mitigate the risks of natural disasters. You will lead response efforts during, after, and in the middle of emergencies while keeping communities prepared for emergencies.


Journalism involves conducting a lot of research for which you may have to travel, meet new people, and unearth hidden truths. Many journalists dabble in investigative reporting, while others don’t even do this as a nine-to-five job. You must fine-tune sensitive stories, phrase everything correctly, and publish your content.

If you have excellent research skills and writing abilities, consider pursuing a career in this field. Journalism is an evergreen career in this world of technology!

Marketing and advertisement

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing careers in the world right now. You can easily earn $67,000 a year while working in this industry. And you’re mistaken if you think digital marketing careers are only open to MBA degree holders. Digital marketing is an umbrella term encompassing an array of experts, such as copywriters, content writers, graphic designers, social media managers, and marketing executives. You can leverage your expertise to apply for any of these careers.

Forensic pathology

If you are a fan of shows like Autopsy, Silent Witness, or Harrow, you probably know what forensic pathologists do. If not, these professionals determine a person’s cause of death after examining the corpse. This is also the field where you’ll use all those words used in detective shows, such as Riga mortis and homicide every day.

Since forensic pathologists play an important role in solving many complex cases, they make an average income of over $120,000 a year in the United States today. A career in forensic pathology contributes toward the elimination of crime. You deal with various cases and provide closure to grieving families who have questions about their deceased loved ones.

Practice of law

Even though law students have to put in long hours to pass the bar examination and then struggle as interns to find footing in a highly competitive industry, it’s still very exciting tackling high-stakes cases.

If you are a lightning-fast thinker, good at articulate speeches, and like cross-examining witnesses, it’s the right field for a person of your skills. You can pursue social justice by representing marginalized communities, advocating for civil rights, and working on pro bono cases. Hence, the practice of law is regarded as an intellectually stimulating career for students.

Hospitality and tourism

A person with outstanding public dealing and communication skills should consider working in tourism and hospitality. If you speak more than two languages, it’ll make you a better candidate for a job in this thrilling industry. You’ll meet clients from different parts of the world. Also, you can find decent work in hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, event venues, and travel agencies.

What’s even more exciting about this career is this: jobs in hospitality are open to all degree holders. So, it’s easy to switch your career and become a hospitality and travel manager.

Investment banking

If you have great numerical and analytical skills, consider investment banking as a career. This job deals with offering financial services to institutions and companies alike. On average, you can make $140,000 yearly as an investment banker today; it’s a high-stakes career with global reach.

You will deal with complex financial transactions, nurture relationships with different clients, and develop innovative solutions to your clients’ financial problems. Based on your role and specialization, you may have the chance to travel for client meetings. It’s a thrilling job to have!

Art restoration

You may remember the story of that Spanish art restorer who ruined a fresco of Jesus painted on the walls of a church in 2012. Well, you can study the subtle science of art restoration to preserve the artistic heritage of the Western world. Yes, the pay is low (over $50,000 a year on average), but you get to work with amazing art pieces from different periods of European/American history.

Besides museums and galleries, you can even find work with private art collectors.


Teaching may not seem like an obvious contender in the list of exciting careers. However, you may be able to change your mind after learning that two-thirds of teachers are satisfied with their job.

This job satisfaction comes from all the creativity and passion involved in teaching. You watch students excel academically, get introduced to new concepts, learn to work in groups, and overcome a series of barriers to their learning. Also, unlike most jobs, teachers can specialize in various subjects. This profession helps you grow personally and professionally while promising you job security.


Whether you’re a recent graduate or looking to make a career switch, find a job that interests you or aligns with your passions. Go through this blog and see if any of the jobs mentioned above seem exciting enough. From investment banking and emergency services to art restoration and digital marketing – we have given you plenty of careers to choose from in your life. Now, decide your future after consideration!