Free Resume Templates for Google Docs

Download Free Google Docs Resume Templates

Make a winning resume in minutes with the help of our free Google Docs resume templates. Google Docs is a free, web-based tool that you can use for creating your resume. With Google Docs, there is no software to download and nothing to install. You can use it to edit and even store your documents. If you aren’t too familiar with Google Docs, creating your resume from scratch with a new tool might not be something that you’d want to do. That’s why we have created some awesome free resume templates for Google Docs. Edit the free Google Docs resumes to your liking, download as PDF and send!

The great thing about Google Docs is that you can share a direct link to your resume (view only link) anytime you need to share your resume. Now you can have your resume hosted online and always keep updated. One resume, one link. Share it for example on career fairs or add the link to an email. Share this type of resume when it’s suitable to share a more general resume and not a resume that needs to be tailored to a specific position.

Grab one of our templates and take a step closer to finding your dream job! Also be sure to view our matching Google Docs cover letter templates.

Formatted Free Resume Templates for Google Docs

When creating a resume, you should always review the formatting very closely. This includes alignment, spacing, and font. When the candidate hasn’t properly formatted their resume, it can come off as a lack of technical skills. That’s why it’s important to have a professional resume layout. That’s where our free resume templates for Google Docs come to the rescue. Take a look at some of our modern free resume templates for Google Docs below.

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Google Docs Resume Templates

Download professional and free resume templates for Google Docs. These clean and clear resume designs are great for job seekers nearly in any industry. If you are ready to take your resume to the next level, check out our Google Docs resume examples below. Use these Google Docs resume samples as a guideline for your content.

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Other Resume Formats Available

Need more than Google Docs resumes? Take a look at our resume format selection.

The Significance of a Resume

In your job search, your CV is the most significant document you’ll send. It’s your “frontline fighter,” in the sense that it’s your first chance to impress a potential employer. Because recruiters and hiring managers only spend six to seven seconds on each CV, it’s critical that you make every second matter. A strong resume might help you stand out, while a weak resume can eliminate you from consideration.

Tips for Google Docs Resume Templates That Can Help You Stand Out

1. Keep your resume concise and to the point.
2. Emphasize appropriate abilities and experiences.
3. Provide numbers and metrics to back up your claims.
4. Make sure your text is optimized.
5. To make yourself stand out, use the correct phrase.

How to Create a Google Docs Resume Link

Once you have finished your resume and are ready to share it with a recruiter or employer, you can choose to share an online version of your resume by clicking File > Share > Set the permissions for who can view it. Now you can easily share the link in an email or even on social media like LinkedIn. The optional way to share your resume is to go to File > Email as attachment. Here you can choose the format (pdf, Word, HTML, etc.) you want to attach it in. This will, of course, use your Gmail email to send out the email.

Google Docs Resumes

Start putting together your professional resume with the help of our resume templates. The resumes listed will open as “View Only” and you will need to create a copy in order to edit them. Instructions are included in the download itself. Hope you enjoy our collection of Google Docs resume templates and use them in your job search. We’ll update and add new resumes to this page, so be sure to bookmark it for later.