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Freelancer job search

Job Search Tips for Freelancers

A resume is a formal document representing your experience, background, and qualification for a particular position. It is one of the most vital records of expertise for a freelancer.

Things Employers Say that Your Resume Must Have

As a freelancer, remote or a self-employed worker, it can be hard for you to put together a resume as you might have unique contracts and scenarios to work with. This particular feature of freelancing can make the process of writing a resume difficult in terms of how often it is updated. To combat this, it can come handy to keep a proposal ready so that you can present it to your clients when needed.

Here are a few tips to help you make your resume a perfect one.

Work Experience

While writing your resume, make sure you are continually updating information to include all the projects you have been working on. For a resume with no experience, you need to remember all extra work and prioritize what to include based on your field. However, remember to leave enough space between information and use facts and figures when applicable.


As the job industry gets more digital, it is crucial for your resume to be ATS and SEO-optimized. Make sure to include relevant keywords in the job description resume so that any automated software can get hold of it.

Call to Action

You can include as many links to increase the chances of the recruiter viewing your information. You can request the hiring manager to go over your website, references, or additional information while doing this. It is a unique way to include freelance skills on a resume. Including a professional business card will also help the recruiter get to you and store your information.

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Your goal is to attract as many recruiters as possible, which can be done by constructing an attractive and compelling document with a resume objective. Recruiters want to see your experience along with the effective delivery of information as well. While most people do a fantastic job with their resume, there are a few tips and tricks that you can apply to stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of being employed and can push your resume to stand out from the crowd. In no time, you might need some tools for your successful job.

Here are a few things HRs advise to make your resume stand out:

Keep it Short and Sweet

As Cleto, a resume writer from the CraftResumes resume writing service told me: “The best kinds of resume are generally short and precise. Make sure that your resume has enough white space and do not bluff. Including information that is not required can harm your image since it can come off as deceiving.”

Use a Clear and Clean Design

While most employers and recruiters do not prefer designed resumes, job seekers generally do not have to worry about that. Your resume is about marketing rather than ending up on an HR database. If a design is relevant to your work like photographs, layouts, logos, or more, you can flaunt it moderately.

Add Certification

Although your experience matters a lot, a direct way to showcase your skills is through certifications. If you hold some specific certifications, there is a higher chance of recruiters getting attracted to your work. For example, here are some credentials that a freelancer resume could include:

  • Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC)
  • Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer
  • Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP)
  • Content Marketing Institute Online Certification
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

Where to submit your resume to get jobs

While working for someone may seem highly convenient, especially for someone who has a busy life or his/her own business, it can get quite frustrating when starting for the first time. Although the energy in the initial stages can be exciting and contagious, as the world gets more competitive, people generally tend to get discouraged. To help you get through this challenging phase, here are some platforms where you can secure a job.


LinkedIn is the best and the first space where people look for workers nowadays. LinkedIn is a free platform where one can upload their resume, post designs, and link YouTube channels based on your interest. You can then start connecting to people of similar backgrounds, companies you want to work with, or recruiters that may help you out as well.

Local Businesses and Companies

A great way to start slow but efficient is by connecting to local businesses. You can either directly go to them in your districts, such as the dentist or the local pet shop, or ask for a shout out from these businesses to customers who might visit them. Although this might seem like a long shot, you never know what connection or networking opportunity you might land.

Guest Articles

Guest posting is a great way to showcase your expertise in your field. You can start by searching for a niche with the “contact us” or “write for us” service. Then, access the link of the platform you want to write in and contact them by drafting your author bio. It may not require you to present your credentials immediately, but once you get contacted back, you may have to impress them with your resume. This might be new for you, but it is good to have good blog articles in your portfolio to show your expertise.

Freelance Websites to Find Work From

You can start your journey by pitching yourself with a publication or magazine. While it is highly lucrative, it is also a great way to connect with other people. You can Google search “Magazine pay submission” or “Publication pay submission” to contact directly the people responsible. You can then talk to them and present your resume, so they have an idea of who you are. If you are successful, you may also get paid for each story you present.

Here are a few websites to use so that you can find freelance jobs:


Upwork is one of the best places to look for a job. Despite being a beginner, you can still work with Upwork to get amazing jobs. This website allows graphic designers, content marketing experts, and freelance writers to get involved with long-term and short-term arrangements.


iWriter is a freelancing site designed specifically for beginners. After filling in the form, you will be selected based on your expertise to work with new clients.


BloggingPro allows businesses to find freelance talent. It is dedicated only to bloggers, freelance designers, and other creative professionals.


Freelancer is a job board that allows people to work for both small and large businesses. This website lets the job seekers bid for a project to get a one-time gig.


Writer Access can allow companies to commission content. There are over 15,000 writers who write blog posts, case studies, and more. There are handy tools as well to learn web development.

Freelancer Resume Examples:

Here are some of the best freelance resume examples that you can take inspiration from:

Resume 1: Free Freelancer Resume
Freelancer resume template
This is a simple example of a freelance resume. While the sample does not have any designs, it is organized with enough white space. If the recruiter were to spend less than a minute on this resume, they would still be able to get a good idea. The resume has  the most relevant accomplishment at the beginning, followed by experience and education. The recruiter can easily see all the necessary info, such as experience and contact information.

Resume 2: Freelancer Resume Template, Free Download
Freelancer Resume Template - Free Download
While this seems like a much more modern freelancer resume template, it is still equally effective in the job sector. It is an excellent example of a resume with some design, a unique way on how to do a freelances resume. A simple resume such as this can catch the employer’s attention and may make a long-lasting impression.

Resume 3: Free Resume Template for Freelancers
Free resume template freelancer
This is a good example of a freelance resume. You can list your key skills along with your technical knowledge and after that listing your freelancer experience.

Although freelancing can make you feel like a nervous-wreck, it generally is one of the best ways to continue your life as you do something extra in the side.

The most crucial aspect of presenting yourself is your resume. No one will have enough time to learn about you only by talking to you; instead, they would ask you to forward a resume. Since a resume is proven to be a highly beneficial document, starting early can help you land the best job available. This article has a great collection on how to do a resume to help make sure you get the perfect job.