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Things Women Should Care About When Job-Hunting

Things Women Should Consider When Looking for Work

Women workers face much more problems in the workplace compared to their male counterparts, and most are largely due to their gender. Even though society has grown more tolerant and accepting of different people and their cultural, gender, and ethnic backgrounds, discrimination and similar behaviors are not entirely eradicated in the workplace.

Why College Career Fairs Are Still Valuable To Students

College career fairs

Whether you are required to attend career fair for a class assignment or are actually on the hunt for an internship or job, there are still a lot of reasons why college career fairs are valuable to students, even when much of the hiring world is virtual. Here’s why.

A 5 Step Guide to Finding an Internship During College

Find internship during college

An internship is a short-term job experience meant for college students or those new to a field to help you gain professional, real-world, experience outside the classroom. In this article, we breakdown all you need to know about how to find an internship during college in 5 simple steps.

7 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency in Your Job Search

Use recruitment agency in job search

If you’re looking for a new role, and scouring job sites is proving to be too tedious, you might want to consider working with a professional recruiter. Using a recruitment agency may increase your chances of not only finding a job more quickly, but a job that suits your skillset, personal values, and working style.