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How to Leverage Your Mom Skills and Get a Promotion

Last Updated on December 29, 2023 by Career Reload

Every mom harbors her own superpowers. Despite the challenges of balancing work, family, and other responsibilities, motherhood is the ultimate reward. It propels us to evolve in ways we never imagined before having children.

One key benefit of being a mom is the acquisition of new skills that positively impact other life aspects, including careers. If you’re puzzled about how organizing school fundraisers, assisting with schoolwork, or always having snacks ready can be workplace assets, don’t worry! Continue reading to learn how you can utilize your hard-earned mom skills to enhance your career.

Moms are Always Prepared for Everything

A mom is never easily surprised because we’re always prepared! We plan and anticipate every scenario to avoid future issues. Perhaps you bring extra snacks to the park or pack an extra suitcase for road trips. During the pandemic, you might bribe your kids with snacks and entertainment right before a work Zoom meeting to ensure you can focus in your makeshift home office without interruptions. These skills, when transferred to the workplace, demonstrate your ability to think ahead, foresee potential issues, and devise solutions swiftly. Your boss and colleagues will likely admire your competence and proactive approach to creating contingency plans.

Moms Know How to Have Difficult Conversations

Navigating life without conflict is impossible. We won’t always agree with everyone, especially when desires differ. Fortunately, moms are adept at stepping in as referees when kids misbehave or soothing them when they’re inconsolable. We generally know the best strategies to defuse arguments and help our kids manage their emotions. These skills are invaluable in the workplace, particularly in competitive companies or industries. Your experience in managing conflict and engaging in tough conversations at home equips you to smoothly handle tense situations at work. You’ll likely become your team’s voice of reason when other coworkers are upset or agitated.

Moms are Master Problem Solvers

There’s a saying that goes, “You can’t rely on kids, technology, and pets.” This is where you, as a mom, excel! I believe no one can solve problems quite like a mom. Whether you’re working late and your computer crashes before saving an important client presentation or you forget to buy your kid’s costume for the school play, moms are exceptionally resourceful when needed. Life’s unpredictability makes moms some of the best employees to have if you’re looking for someone who can think on their feet and solve problems quickly.

Moms Know How to Juggle Multiple Priorities at Once

Past gender studies suggest that women’s brains might be more efficient at switching between tasks and managing multiple priorities simultaneously than men’s. Thanks to our innate ability to process information quickly, moms appear capable of running a household, caring for children, spending time with their spouse, and handling other important daily tasks—often all at once. This skill alone can make you an invaluable addition to any company. Demonstrating your capability and efficiency as a worker increases your chances of outperforming the competition and climbing the career ladder.


When you’re looking to improve your life, secure a new job in a different field, or earn a well-deserved promotion at work, don’t hesitate to mention the skills and traits you’ve developed while caring for your kids. Motherhood not only enriches your personal life but also prepares you for the workplace.