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Phone Interview Tips to Get You to The Next Round

The prospective employer is impressed with your detailed application and exceptional resume. At this point, you have their undivided attention. They’re ready to learn more about you. From their perspective, you may be the ideal candidate for the position.

In the past, you would’ve been scheduled for an in person interview. However, things have changed dramatically. In today’s digital age, many preliminary and final interviews are held over the telephone. This helps companies devote more time to other endeavors.

It’s imperative for you to take careful measures while preparing for your phone interview. In this article, we will cover several critical phone interview tips that can increase your chances of landing the job.

Getting Ready for the Phone Interview

Do some research on the company
Doing your due diligence on the position and company will prepare you for the interviewer’s intensive questions.

Prepare in advance
Preparation is the key to having a successful phone interview. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you address them during the interview.

You should also compile a list of questions for the interviewer. Asking questions at the end of the interview will demonstrate that you have a strong interest in getting the job.

Show the employer you’re the ideal match for the job
The interviewer may ask, “Why do you think you’re suited for the job?” Make certain you’re able to make a connection between your qualifications and job description, so that you’ll be able to explain why you’re the best candidate for the job.

Have your job materials nearby
Having a copy of your resume, your cover letter, and the job posting on hand will make it easier for you to discuss your skill sets with the interviewer.

Compose some questions to ask
Please keep in mind this is a pre-screen, so there’s no need for you to prepare complicated questions. However, you may want to ask some questions about the hiring process. For instance, you can ask, “How soon do you need someone to fill the position?”

Practice Interviewing

There’s an old saying in life, “Practice makes perfect.” Ask a friend to play the role of the interviewer. This will build up confidence, and get your ready for those tough questions. Practicing will also help you make improvements with your tone and delivery.

Recording your practice interviews will also help you spot your “uhs” and “okays”. It’s typical for anyone to use these phrases while speaking, but you must make an earnest effort to keep them to a minimum during the real phone interview.

You can also practice answering your own interview questions. Having a general direction on what to answer will help you with your nerves and make you less nervous.

Proper Phone Interview Etiquette

It’s vital that you leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. You can do this be demonstrating phone interview etiquette. The following guidelines will help you do this with ease.

Answer the phone yourself
Tell your roommates or family members that you’re expecting an important phone call. When you answer the phone, you should say, “John Doe or Jane Doe speaking.” This simple tactic will let the interviewer know that they’ve reached the right person, and the interview will get off to a great start. Make sure you sound upbeat and enthusiastic.

Follow the interviewer’s lead carefully
Some interviewers like to start things off with small talk while others will not hesitate to get the interview underway. Allow the interviewer to dictate the direction of the conversation, and you’ll be fine.

Listen carefully
We cannot discuss phone interview tips without covering this point. Never interrupt the interviewer. Write down the things you would like to say on a notepad and bring them forth when it’s your time to speak. Interrupting the interviewer will annoy them and ruin your chances of being considered for the position.

Allow the interviewer to interrupt you
Don’t get upset if the interviewer interrupts you. Some are not fond of hearing a long explanation. They are focused on getting the details that will help them decide if you’re the best fit for the company.

Tips for Excelling at a Phone Interview

The following tips will help you ace a phone interview:

Keep your resume handy – Having your resume nearby will make it easier for you to answer questions.

Create a checklist – Study the job posting. Make a detailed list of how your skills meet the hiring criteria. You can refer to this list during the interview.

Take good notes – Have a pen and paper on hand to record your notes.

Keep the disturbances in check – Phone calls and text messages can interrupt the flow of the interview, so put your cellphone on the “Do not disturb” mode.

Don’t be afraid to reschedule – If the interviewer’s call was unannounced, don’t be afraid to ask if you can set the interview up for a later date.

Find a quiet spot for the interview – Turn off your television and stereo. Have someone to watch your children and pets. You need a quiet spot for the interview so you will not be interrupted.

Follow-Up After the Interview

When the interview comes to a close, tell the interviewer that you appreciate their time.

Here are a few suggestions to express your gratitude:

  • Ask the interviewer if you can have their email address (if you don’t have it)
  • Thank the interviewer by sending them an email thank-you note after the interview.
  • You can also add more details about your qualifications to your email thank-you note.

Final Summary

Once the interview is over, you should take a look at the notes you recorded during the conversation with the interviewer. Write down the interviewer’s questions and your answers. This will give you a strong feel of what you can expect for the second interview. You may get a job offer if the interviewer is impressed with your demeanor, work experience, and skill set.

Taking heed to the phone interview tips in this article will put you in position to do well during the interview and get the job of your dreams.

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