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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Pursuing a Nursing Career

Entering the nursing profession has been a smart career choice for many years. Nursing is an excellent way if you wish to provide welfare to the sick and injured patients and want to be a role model for those around you.

Nurses have quite a lot of benefits and options. They can work in different medical specialties; hence nurses can easily find employment as registered nurses.

Why Should You Choose Nursing?

Let’s look at why the nursing profession can prove beneficial and meaningful for you.

Expected Industry Growth

The nursing sector is expected to grow even more in the coming years. Some of the reasons are listed below.

  • A portion of nurses is about to reach their retirement age.
  • Increased access to health insurance.
  • Recent advancements in healthcare technology are expected to extend the life span.
  • Older people have more medical problems than youngsters.
  • People with chronic diseases like diabetes need constant care by nurses.

Keeps you Active

Unlike an office desk job which can get quite boring sitting in front of the screen all day, nursing is different. Besides recording patient information, you will be on your feet working with other healthcare professionals most of the day. Nursing offers a challenge every day that keeps the job interesting.

Opportunities to Grow Professionally

When pursuing nursing, you will learn something new every day on the job with training and professional development opportunities. Moreover, after getting your bachelor’s degree completed in nursing, you can specialize in pediatrics, neonatal, mental health, emergency room, oncology, etc.

Switch between Specialties

Nurses can explore many specialties to find the spot that sparks an interest in them. Even if you work for a specific healthcare department and do not like it, you can easily switch to another one without stressing about it. You can make a switch anytime with your nursing degree.

Flexible Work Schedule

You can get your working shifts changed depending upon where you work. For example, you can work 12 hours shifts for fewer days and spend the off days with your family. The evening shift would be perfect if you are not a morning person.

Stable Salary Options

Nurses can enjoy a stable salary since nursing is a regulated and well-paid profession. You can expect to earn around $60,000 in the first year of your job. After gaining adequate experience, you can make around $83,200 to $249,000 for nursing jobs. Depending upon where you work, you can get housing, transport, and other benefits.

Now that you know how pursuing a nursing career can pay off for you in the long run, here are some things to keep in mind to ensure that you are successful.

Gain Considerable Work Experience

Take any working opportunity that comes your way since work experience is key in nursing. Since nursing is a practical field, more work will help you advance in your career. While you study, enroll in internships when feasible.

It will improve your CV, and you can land a job as soon as you finish your nursing degree. The most important factor is that working early on will help you gain confidence in your career.

Find a Mentor

You need proper guidance regarding education and career options and what you should do to pursue nursing successfully. You can find yourself a mentor who has been in the nursing field for years to provide you with valuable knowledge.

Since they are experienced and know the ups and downs of nursing, it can help them avoid mistakes. You need to follow their advice as they will greatly help your learning.

Learn Basic Skills

Despite your nursing specialty field, some key skills are essential for a nurse. You should know how to communicate effectively with your patients and have empathy for your patients. Other critical skills required for a nursing field are as follows:

  • Decision making
  • Multitasking ability
  • Teamwork skills
  • Attention to details
  • Organizational skills and Flexibility

Acquire Leadership Skills

Even if you don’t plan to pursue a leadership role in your nursing career, it is best to obtain leadership skills that can help you in education and job alike.

You might have to lead a team of nurses, so you must have the required confidence and knowledge. Moreover, you need management skills to climb up the stairs in your nursing career.

Network for Opportunities

You may have maximum knowledge and the best grades in nursing, but it will be hard to land a decent job without networking. Knowing how to make connections in the nursing industry will make things easier for your career.

Make sure to work hard to get yourself known in the industry. With more work experience, you can get to know more people and gain exposure to your field. You can join associations and attend conferences related to nursing.

Consider Being a Traveling Nurse

Unless family commitments or other things tie you down, you can consider becoming a traveling nurse. It is a great experience to advance your career and gain knowledge from different cities.

Engaging with different people can help broaden your mind and give you a new perspective on your field.

You can take advantage of many benefits when hired as a traveling nurse. Some of them include,

  • Free housing facility
  • Health insurance
  • High pay and bonuses
  • Travel pay

Working in different settings can level up your resume and help you gain confidence in your skills.

Gain Additional Knowledge

After completing your nursing bachelor’s, you can go for graduate studies to give your career a boost. If you are working as a nurse full-time, you can pursue an online degree or program to provide you with time flexibility.

You can learn from home or while at work with your laptop. Moreover, online courses allow many benefits and let you access lecture videos whenever you want. Studying at your own pace can be a huge help to let you balance your job and studies together.

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