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7 Best Recruiting Services for Hiring Great Employees

Last Updated on August 2, 2022 by Career Reload

Growing companies require new talent to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. However, as these companies grow, it can be quite costly and time-consuming to handle the process in-house. Here is where recruiting services and agencies come into the picture.

What Are Recruiting Services?

A recruitment agency is employed by a company to be able to assist them in finding the best talents and professionals for their company in a competitive job market. Some recruitment services are also responsible for paying wages, withholding taxes and maintaining insurances. Recruitment agencies come in different sizes too. Some are small and cater to specific states online while others are big enough to handle the recruitment needs of multinational companies.

7 Types of Recruitment Services

Some recruitment agencies offer a wide variety of recruitment services while others are limited to a few ones.  It all depends on the size of their organization. Here is a list of the most common recruitment services available in the market.

1. Applicant Tracking

On top of recruitment, agencies can also help companies in tracking applicants. Some positions require several levels of tests and steps, especially for critical positions in a company or for a skilled type of job opening. A recruitment agency can help companies monitor on the current application stage a possible recruit is in an organized and systematic manner.

2. Selection Process

Some companies are too big or too busy that they do not have the time to screen and select applicants. Instead, for regular job requirements in the office, they entrust the selection process to the recruitment agency.

3. New Hire Processing

Hiring new employees is not limited to the selection process alone. It will also require some employees to facilitate documents that may need the assistance of a recruitment agency.

4. Compensation Planning

When hiring new employees, another common issue faced is employee salary and benefits. At the end of the recruitment process, some companies are stuck with a job offer to a qualified candidate only to discover that they do not agree on compensation. To prevent this, recruiters can help companies benchmark remuneration in the same industries to be able to come up with a mutually acceptable salary between the company and the recruit.

5. Onboarding

Providing industry insight and training are also included in the services recruitment agencies offer. Recruiters understand what the employer needs and their expectations with candidates. To avoid disrupting the daily activities in the office, the recruitment agency takes care of the training and familiarization process of the new recruit as they are injected into the company’s workforce.

6. Temporary staffing

Temporary employees are sometimes required in a company especially during peak seasons. Although they are only required to work for a specific period of time, these types of employees are required to have the same skill set as regular employees do. Recruitment agencies can facilitate such job requirements for companies.

7. Reporting

Getting insights on the current needs of the industry as well as the supply and demand on the job market as a whole are some of the insights a company can gain from their trusted recruitment agencies. Employers can free up their time having to deal with these statistics and save up their resources as they focus on driving the business forward instead.

Staying Efficient with Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies offer a more cost efficient process of hiring talent and experts compared to in-house hiring. They already have access to the best value and best qualified candidates giving companies a competitive edge. The risk of hiring people is also limited when working with recruitment agencies.