Resume Examples and Sample Resumes

Our expertly curated resume writing examples cover a wide spectrum of professions, each exemplifying the art of resume writing for different fields. From the artful blend of achievements and qualifications to the perfect choice of keywords, our collection will guide you on your journey to crafting a remarkable resume that rises above the competition.

Get ready to unlock your potential, polish your personal brand, and showcase your skills with confidence. Let our resume writing examples be your compass on the road to professional success. Explore our extensive collection of sample resumes, and take the first step towards your brighter future today!

Resume Writing Examples

These industry-specific resume writing examples provide you the inspiration and guidance needed to create a standout resume that amplifies your unique skills and experiences.

Medical Resume Examples

Explore our curated selection of medical resume examples, designed to assist healthcare professionals in crafting compelling resumes that highlight their expertise and dedication in the medical field.

Customer Service & Retail Resume Examples

Discover a range of retail and customer service resume examples, carefully curated to help professionals in these industries showcase their skills, customer-centric approach, and commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to clients and customers.

Tech Resume Examples

Uncover a diverse collection of tech resume examples, thoughtfully curated to empower tech-savvy individuals in presenting their technical prowess, problem-solving abilities, and innovative mindset, paving the way for success in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Engineering Resume Examples

Explore our engineering resume examples, curated to showcase technical expertise, project management skills, and passion for innovation in the field of engineering.

Education & Academia Resume Examples

Examples to assist educators and academics in creating compelling resumes that convey their passion for teaching and commitment to advancing knowledge in diverse educational settings.

Other Resume Examples

This category is designed to provide guidance for various scenarios you may encounter at different stages of your career.


Still buzzled about some details about your resume? View our complete resume writing guide where we cover each resume section in detail.

Resume Basics: Resume Anatomy

These are the resume basics that your resume should include. Use it as an outline when creating a resume. As an addition to these main resume sections, you could also add hobbies and interests if they are related to the job you’re applying to and would help you appear more interesting. You should include related certifications and add volunteer work if you have space.

ATS resume example
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Use a resume builder if you need to create a resume quickly. Resume builders will help you write a standout resume in no time. If you want to enhance your resumes look, download one of our free resume templates and save time on formatting.

Basic Resume Example

Copy-paste this basic resume example and customize it according to your own personal and professional experience, and the job you are applying for.

Your Name

City, State | Your Phone Number | Your Email Address

Resume Summary

As an experienced professional with a background in [industry name], I am seeking to leverage my skills and experience to take on a role as a [job title you are applying for]. I possess excellent [relevant skill #1] and [relevant skill #2] and am committed to [relevant skill #3], while also working to help the business reach its goals. With a strong [relevant skill #4] and a passion for [industry], I am confident that I can make a positive contribution to the team.

Work Experience

Most Recent Job Title / Start Date – End Date
Company Name / City, State

  • Bullet point starting with an action verb, describing your accomplishments
  • Bullet point starting with an action verb, describing your accomplishments

Previous Job Title / Start Date – End Date
Company Name / City, State

  • Bullet point starting with an action verb, describing your accomplishments
  • Bullet point starting with an action verb, describing your accomplishments


Degree Name / Major
University, Location / Year You Graduated
Honors / GPA if 3.6 or higher


  • [Hard skill]
  • [Hard skill]
  • [Hard skill]
  • [Soft skill]


Certification 1
[Issuing Organization], [Date]

Certification 2
[Issuing Organization], [Date]