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Which Resume Format is Right for You

Selecting the resume format that best showcases your skills, experience, and education is one way to stand out in the job search. In this post, we’ll examine the ways that resume details are presented in combination, chronological, and functional resumes.

The Chronological Resume

The chronological resume format is the one that is most preferred. A chronological resume lists your employment history by job title, starting with your most recent or present position.

The chronological CV is most effective for job searchers who:

  • Have a stable career history or experience in a position that is relevant to the one being sought.
  • Are looking for a job that corresponds with or logically follows your past employment.
  • Are looking for a traditional job, such as a teacher, office clerk, or accountant.

Chronological resume format
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The Functional Resume

The functional resume format showcases your talents without disclosing the dates connected to your work history, making it a less common choice among hiring managers and recruiters. This resume format downplays specific work titles and does away with employment dates in favor of promoting your related skills and abilities, which are listed in functional skill groups.

The functional CV works well if you:

  • Have skills relevant to the position but little prior work experience in the sector.
  • Have gaps in your work history, are changing careers, or recently graduated.
  • Have worked a variety of jobs or have a wide range of skills.
  • Want to downplay your age as a mature worker.

This format is criticized by many hiring managers because it makes it difficult for them to determine your trustworthiness, tenure, or how recently you have used particular skills. For instance, a person who produced marketing brochures 15 years ago might not be knowledgeable about the tools available today.

Functional resume format
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The Combination Resume

Functional and chronological resume types are combined in the combination (or hybrid) format. Not only does it detail the dates of prior employment, but it also includes functional skill groups.

This format works well for candidates who:

  • May have acquired the necessary abilities from apparently unrelated fields or positions.
  • Are wanting to change careers and wish to highlight transferrable skills.
  • Have had a consistent employment history.

This format works well for most job seekers, and employers prefer this resume layout because it emphasizes experience and skills without hiding work history.

Combination resume format
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Use a resume builder if you need to create a resume quickly. Resume builders will help you write a standout resume in no time. If you want to enhance your resumes look, download one of our free resume templates and save time on formatting.

How to Choose the Best Resume Format

We advise using a chronological resume format in 99% of circumstances.

It is the most popular and practical format:

  • All hiring managers and recruiters are accustomed with this format.
  • Applicant tracking systems can easily read it.
  • It’s the simplest structure to use, whether you’re a senior professional or a recent graduate.

A functional or hybrid resume is only ideal if you are changing careers, and even then, it is still highly risky.

As a general guideline, choose a chronological resume when in doubt.

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How to pick the right resume format