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Need help with resume and cover letter writing? Here we have gathered resume help to guide you to create your best resume. We have collected tips and resources for you to do it yourself. As an addition to that we have included some paid options that can tremendously help you with your resume and save you time in the end.

Resume Anatomy – How to Make a Resume

These are the resume basics that your resume should include. Use it as an outline when creating a resume.

Now let’s dive in deeper to the content of your resume. Here are the top tips on how to make a resume:

Resume writing tips for other occasions:

After you got your content together it’s time to review and get some feedback on your resume:

Resume anatomy


Use a resume builder if you need to create a resume quickly. Download a resume template to save time on formatting so you can concentrate on writing your resume.

Use a Resume Template


We have built and keep on building our free resources for job seekers to help you put together your resume. Start by selecting a resume template that you’ll fill in. Resume templates guide you with the content. When applying for a job, in most countries it’s not recommended to include a photo in your resume, but we understand that some countries and professions require that and so we have a selection of resumes with photos. You can download the resumes for free.

What kind of job seeker are you?
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Online Courses, Training & Tutorials


You can improve your resume writing, LinkedIn profile, job interview skills and job search strategy by taking some online courses.
LinkedIn Learning offers a 30 day free trial to help you jump start your CV writing. 

Resume writing

Writing a Resume

By: Jenny Foss – Career Strategist, Speaker, Recruiter

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Writing cover letter

Writing a Cover Letter

By: Jenny Foss – Career Strategist, Speaker, Recruiter

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How to ATS optimize resume

Optimize Your Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems

By: Jenny Foss – Career Strategist, Speaker, Recruiter

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How to Rock a Job Interview

By: Pete Mockaitis – Career Strategist

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Common job interview questions

Expert Tips for Answering Common Interview Questions

By: Valerie Sutton – Thought Leader in Career Theory and Student Services

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Find a Job in the Hidden Job Market

Find a Job in the Hidden Job Market

By: Sarah Johnston – Interview Coach, Executive Resume Coach, Career Coach

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Use a Resume Builder

(Small investment)

Resume builders are a great way to improve your resume writing on a small budget. Resume builders will help you with writing and provide you industry specific phrases with action verbs, soft and hard skills. The writing is often accompanied with a professional resume layout.

My Perfect Resume


Price $5.95 / 3 months – Improve your resume with few dollars!
My Perfect Resume takes the hassle out of resume writing. Affordable resume builder that will enhance your resume writing and save you time. My Perfect Resume gives you the option of starting from scratch and entering data into a blank template, or uploading a current resume. Additionally, as you progress through the process, the application gives you professional tips, such as suggested wording for various roles.

My Perfect Resume is ideal for people who want to be guided through the process of generating a resume. The program suggests templates based on your degree of experience and offers professional advice on which abilities to be included based on your work titles.

To use MyPerfectResume for free, instead of selecting “Save and next,” click “Download” on the left toolbar once you reach the final step of the builder. Then select “Plain Text (.txt)” to save your resume.

  • Free resume audit tool to fix grammar & spelling mistakes
  • Professional and customizable templates
  • Optimize your resume
  • Recruiter approved phrases and industry-specific bullet points
  • Download as PDF & DOCX
  • Cover letter builder
Start Building Your Resume