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78+ Free Resume Templates

Download free resume templates in different formats and many different styles. Instant download.

Start by picking the format such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, PowerPoint, Pages or Photoshop. Browse the Career Reload resume template selection and pick the template that suits your job search need and the profession that you are applying for.

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Our Library of Free Resume Templates

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Templates Editable in Microsoft Word

Selections of resumes for Microsoft Word. Select a template you are interested in and download the .docx file.

PowerPoint Resume Templates

Creative resumes for PowerPoint. Select the template you are interested in and download the PPT file.

Pages Resume Templates

Resume templates for Apple Pages. Select the template you are interested in and edit with Apple Pages or iCloud Pages.

Improve your resume with a template

The most important thing in your resume is the content and clarity – the recruiter wants to see at a glance whether the candidate has the right kind of experience, training, or other important skills for the job applied for.

The traditional resume has long been a black and white text document, listing work experience, education, and IT and language skills.

However, the importance of visuality has been raising its head for a long time and more and more job seekers also want to make their resume aesthetically pleasing. A stylish resume stands out from the crowd and, when done correctly, also helps to better perceive the job seeker’s skills.

Even a simple resume can be visually compelling

Often even a simple black-and-white resume can be clear and visually pleasing. It can also be equally difficult to outline.

So if you end up with a simple resume template, at least make sure that the font you choose is clear and stays the same throughout the document, the text is aligned evenly and you use proper margins.

Also, make sure that you separate the different sections with clear subheadings and take advantage of bullet points to make the text easier to read.

Visual resume templates

If you want to stand out in your job search, you should invest much more in the visual look of your resume. If you are graphically gifted or have an unfailing visual eye, you can create a framework for your resume yourself.

On this page you can find many ready-made free resume templates which will help you put together a visual resume even you would not be a visual person. You can conveniently add your information to any of the free resume templates offered on this page.

Customize your free resume template according to the job you are applying for

When choosing or making a visual resume template for yourself, also keep in mind the recipient of the resume. If you are looking for positions in very formal or traditional organizations, it may be a safer solution to choose a simple and restrained template for your resume.

Instead, in marketing, communications, or graphic design jobs you can be bolder. In fields like this, a visual resume is already more the rule than the exception, so differentiation is particularly important.

The most important thing is to make your resume clear, unique, and easy to read. Also, be sure to always save your resume in PDF format so that its visual look stays the same for the recipient and it is sure to open on different devices.

Enjoy the instant resume template download.