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SaaS tools for HR teams

Essential SaaS Tools for HR Teams

Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Career Reload

Did you know that HR processes can run like clockwork with the right SaaS tool? The automation aspect of human resource management systems (HRMS) makes workforce management significantly easy by providing SaaS solutions.

The best SaaS tools can help you with daily HR, administrative, and manual tasks. Furthermore, HR software in the tech industry is expanding significantly with the significant shift to digital operations.

What are HR SaaS tools?

HR SaaS tools are cloud-based software business owners can use to manage HR-related transactions. The systems allow HR departments to avoid human errors and help carry out mundane tasks. It also prevents filing cabinets from overloading due to HR paperwork. The software focuses on some of the following areas:

  • Payroll
  • Personnel tracking
  • Onboarding
  • Recruiting

The HR SaaS market is growing steadily, with a significant shift to an expected $33.04 billion in 2024 from 2019’s $30.8 billion. The increased focus on digitalization ensures that many organizations can attain substantial cost-effectiveness. In addition, HR software facilitates energy and time saving for all your HR teams.

The best SaaS tools for your HR teams

The right SaaS tool can help you to automate your HR processes. For instance, it can assist you with recruitment procedures, where you can attain the best talent in the industry. The best talents can contribute to increased profitability and high retention rates. Thus, having the right tool can be incredibly beneficial to you. Here is a simple list of essential HR software to have:


TestGorilla has one of the market’s most intuitive and affordable pre-employment tests for candidate screening. The platform provides you with an effective tool for your recruitment strategy. It goes beyond screening CVs, which may be ineffective in finding a suitable candidate for you.

The pre-employment assessment tests evaluate all prospective candidates using similar parameters. It will help you quantify the level of skill expertise you prioritize the most. Therefore, ensuring you can determine who excels the most over whom.

TestGorilla has a vast library of pre-employment assessments that will provide you with the ultimate solution to finding the right candidate for your team. The test types can include:

  • Cognitive ability
  • Culture and personality fit
  • Situational judgment
  • Language
  • Programming skills
  • Role-specific skills
  • Software skills

The pre-employment assessment ensures you can combine several tests to offer insight into all the candidates. Its ultimate objective is to help you hire the right individual for your team. TestGorrila combines the following to ensure success:

  • Optional custom questions
  • Pre-made tests
  • Candidate performance scores


Business travel is an essential aspect for most organizations. One critical part of HR SaaS tools is ensuring streamlined HR services, including managing employee travel. TravelPerk is an excellent travel platform that can help you manage all your business travel.

Sample company travel policy for employees from TravelPerk to enjoy the best conveniences. The platform provides a travel policy template that simplifies work for you. The template is easy to customize, simple to understand, and concise. It ensures that your HR team can effectively plan your employees’ business trips.

A corporate travel policy is a vital tool for any organization as it consists of rules that regulate all business travel aspects, including:

  • Invoicing
  • Expensing
  • Reporting
  • Booking
  • Travel safety and support
  • Special rules or exceptions
  • Preferred organization vendors
  • Reimbursement procedures
  • The approval process for business trips
  • Travel insurance carrier
  • Travel debriefing process
  • Duty of care

TravelPerk ensures that you can foster company culture. Additionally, the travel policy controls all aspects of employees’ business travel. Thus ensuring streamlined processes take place.


Monday.com is an excellent HR software that allows HR managers to customize solutions based on the needs of their teams. The platform has engaging HR functions, a simple system, and a clean UI. In the platform, you can find pre-made templates that can help you with new employees’ onboarding and tracking of the recruitment process.

The right hiring tool is the pinnacle of a successful recruitment procedure. Monday.com ensures you can attain success in human resource management. You can use it to manage all the employees’ workflow. Thus, creating a good working environment. An excellent work environment promotes productivity.

Some of the top features of the platform include the following:

  • Self-service portal
  • Employee onboarding
  • Applicant tracking
  • Recruitment, compensation, benefits, and time off management
  • Employee scheduling
  • Data visualization
  • Enables payroll automation
  • Workforce, payroll, and performance management

Sage HR solutions

Sage HR solutions aim to enhance your company’s effectiveness. An effective HR team plays a crucial role in helping companies to thrive. The Sage HR solution helps manage employees’ lifecycle, from the hiring period to retirement.

One essential benefit of the software is that it is scalable. It means that the platform will support you as your needs grow. It can help you:

  • Retain the best talent
  • Hire talented workers
  • Identify employees who can take up leadership positions
  • Minimize worker turnover by facilitating engagement
  • Facilitate effective time management
  • Covers attendance and leaves

Sage HR is easy to deploy and use. It has many incredible solutions to help your HR team manage your employees well.

Bizneo HR

Bizneo HR software offers solutions that enhance all an employee’s stages in an organization. The powerful tool plays a vital role in the following:

  • Selection and recruitment of candidates
  • Training and evaluation of employees
  • Time management
  • Surveys that measure work climate, commitment, and satisfaction
  • Offboarding and onboarding processes that help with new employees’ integration
  • Workflows that automate communications, notifications, and routine tasks

In addition, the software integrates well with other HR tools, such as ERPs, access control, and payroll. This incredible tool can help enhance the value of workers in your company.


Keeping teams in your company happy is crucial for success. It ensures profitability, motivation, and enhanced productivity. The Gusto HR software can help you make the company’s workflow smooth. Its primary function is to enable employee satisfaction.

  • Gusto’s top features include:
  • Benefits and time off management
  • Self-service portal
  • Employee onboarding
  • Compensation management

Why does your company need a SaaS tool for HR teams?

As your company grows, the paper and pen mode may not be effective. Thus, using SaaS tools can help automate tasks while reducing human-related errors. Here are the top reasons why you need SaaS tools for your HR teams:

Effective worker management

Effective worker management increases performance, job satisfaction, and employee motivation. HR SaaS tools ensure that your HR team can supervise employees’ work hours and attendance. Supervision enables you to manage overtime compensations and facilitate maximum productivity effectively. In addition, you can use the tools to facilitate better engagement, performance, payroll management, and training.

Facilitates streamlined processes

HR SaaS tools ensure that you can enjoy streamlined processes. For instance, the TravelPerk platform effectively allows you to manage all aspects of employees’ business trips. Thus, your HR team can save a lot of effort and time.

Reduced errors

HR SaaS tools enable the automation of services. Automation helps reduce human errors, which may cost your company time and issues with regulatory compliance. In addition, the tools eliminate duplicate entries and any entry mistakes. Therefore, they guarantee the effective execution of tasks.

Ensures employees self-service

Employee self-service is one of the most vital aspects of HR SaaS tools. It ensures that HR managers can save time. The HR software may contain the resignation process, payroll, leave policy, travel policy, and company conditions and terms.

Facilitates attendance monitoring

Timecard fraud often occurs in companies. They are expensive as they waste money and time for organizations. Time management features in SaaS tools eliminate the money and time-wasting aspect of timecard fraud.

Bottom line

An effective HR team requires the best HR SaaS tools to remain competitive. The best tools ensure your HR managers and employees have the best experiences. They also enhance performance, which is vital to the company’s profitability.

FAQs about essential SaaS tools for HR teams

1. What are the benefits of HR SaaS tools?

HR SaaS tools provide HR teams with several benefits. One of the most significant merits is the reduction of human errors, which can cost the company significantly. For instance, TestGorilla provides pre-employment tests that allow you to land the best talents in the market. It goes beyond scanning CVs, which may be ineffective in correct information collection. SaaS tools also help streamline administrative tasks.

2. What top features should I consider when getting a SaaS tool?

A SaaS tool plays a vital role in your company’s human resource management. Thus, the type of tool you get should make work easy for your HR team. Some top features to consider should include usability, the user interface, pricing, and integration with other tools.

3. How will a new HR SaaS tool affect your HR teams?

Introducing a new HR SaaS tool will change how your team operates. For instance, it will reduce some of your HR’s work, thus freeing the team and encouraging work efficiency. Also, the tools will simplify tasks for your workers so they can focus on being more productive.