Should you start a side hustle

Should You Start a Side Hustle?

A lot of people, millennials especially, debate whether or not to pick up a side hustle. You can use abilities you already have to choose your hustle, and over time you’ll equip yourself with new skills. Adding these talents to your collection of strengths is beneficial as you apply them to your day job. A side hustle can also offer you creative and financial freedom.

Customer Service

Being able to effectively communicate with customers is useful in basically every job, whether it’s a side hustle or full-time gig. It’s important to quickly resolve grievances. It is also useful to learn how to interact with upset customers, even if you’re not the one at fault.

Ride-sharing, eCommerce, and remote customer service specialist are all side hustles that will build your prowess in customer service.

Creative Thinking

Creativity comes in more forms than just art. An artistic ability can help you find success in a side hustle, such as photography or painting. But creativity, like customer service, is far-reaching. For example, creative problem solving is vital to any business endeavor because you will encounter a variety of problems.

Starting a blog, becoming a social media influencer, and consulting are just a few examples of the different aspects of creative thinking.

Technical Ability

Having skills in IT can lead to numerous side hustles. The majority of people barely understand the ins and outs of tech, let alone possess specialized abilities. If you don’t have technical skills, you can take a week or so to learn basic code online for free.

Designing websites, developing apps, and repairing devices can yield a decent amount of compensation due to their specialized natures.

Athletic Ability

If you played a sport extensively in high school and/or college, you should consider revisiting it. Not only will it provide you with an emotional outlet and some extra physical activity, but you can make money while having fun.

Coaching, reffing, and personal training are side hustles that athletic people enjoy.

These are just a few ways how specific skills can aid you in your search for a side gig. If you feel you’re lacking an important skill, contemplate whether or not you’d like to develop that ability through a side hustle.

For more information on side hustles, scroll to the infographic from Self Lender below.

Should you start a side hustle infographic