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Side hustle ideas

8 Side Hustle Ideas

Whether you’re hoping to find a new job or looking to boost your current income, side gigs are a fantastic way to earn extra income.

There are plenty of opportunities, offline and online; more than you could consider. Many of the jobs that could only be handled in an office or a physical workplace can now be done on the side by freelancers and part-timers.

Waking up just one hour earlier or spending less time on the internet or watching TV allows you to get some extra income in your bank account.

1. Ecommerce

There are an almost endless things that can be sold and places to sell them at online. Do you enjoy crafting? Then think about using Etsy to sell your products. If you’re a fan of refurbishing things, like electronic products and furniture, then you could consider selling them on a niche website. If you’re looking for complete independence, then you could create a website all your own to sell products on. These are jobs that give you some flexibility, because you’re able to create and sell the products when you want.

2. Work in Social Media

Social media platforms, in particular Instagram, are popular with brands looking to market goods and services. That means that there’s money for you to make, and several ways to make them. Try becoming a social media influencer, building your page and getting followers. After getting a few thousand followers you can get in touch with brands that are willing to pay you – or give you free products – to make posts about them. You can also consider becoming a social media marketer by reaching out to local businesses and offering to run their social media accounts; posting on their behalf and building up their followers and likes.

3. Photography

Are you a fan of the arts? Perhaps you like taking photos of your friends and family? Consider having photography be your side hustle. You could start taking family portraits or becoming a photographer for weddings and engagements. This is the kind of side gig that allows you to choose when you work as well.

4. Service Industry

There’s a lot that can be included in the service industry, but most people find a lot of side hustles around assisting others. Companies such as TaskRabbit allow people to search for services and offer their own including fixing sinks, running errands, and everything in-between. Finally, you could use your car to offer your services as a driver with companies like Uber, Lyft, Juno and Gett. If you prefer biking or walking, then Postmates also allows people to become delivery people to make some extra money.

5. Tour Guide

Do you live in an area where there are a lot of tourists? If so, then why not become a tour guide? All it takes is a friendly and outgoing personality, communication skills, and an understanding and knowledge of the area. You could offer your tour guide services through your friends and family, or through sites such as TourByLocals.

6. Work as a Test User

User testing lets web developers and designers get some feedback about their work. Sites such as UserTesting.com employ testers remotely that can make up to $10 per test. Also consider searching for user research, user testing, and panel gigs in your local area.

7. Take Care of Pets

Websites and apps such as Wag, Rover, and DogVacay make becoming a pet sitter and a dog walker easier than ever before. Don’t forget about the offline methods of posting flyers at your local pet store, vet’s office, and café.

8. Teaching

Teaching is another broad spectrum that refers to several different chances for a side hustle. If you’re a professional at a certain academic field, then you could tutor students in the topic or run your own online class. Or you could teach music for an instrument you play. If you’ve got a passion for fitness then you can run a fitness class, such as a yoga class. These are all very flexible options that allow you to share what you are passionate about with others. Sites such as Udemy.com give you the chance to use your professional knowledge to create and monetize workshops and courses.

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