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Time to change jobs

7 Signs it’s Time to Change Jobs

Don’t get stuck in a job you hate because you fear change! It’s important to recognize when it is time to change jobs. Initially, it may have been a great fit for you! Over time, changes to your health, the demand in that field, and even the hours you spend at work may become too much. Perhaps you are moving in a new direction personally and would like your professional life to align with it. Cutting back on work can give you more time for fun or spend with your family.

Ongoing stress can take a toll on a person physically and mentally. While you should care about your job and those responsibilities, it shouldn’t be all you have time for. If you take work home with you all the time, the stress can be too much. Find a balance between your personal life and professional life so you have personal satisfaction you are happy with. Your job shouldn’t define you or control you!

These 7 signs can indicate you are burned out and it is time to change jobs. Considering other professional opportunities gives you a fresh start. You can wake up each day excited to go to work and take on the challenges! You can feel good about what you accomplish and how you contribute. You can also enjoy your time with friends, family, hobbies, and relaxing. Don’t feel like you made a poor career choice. Focus on how the changes can be ideal for you at this time in your life!

When is it time to change jobs:

Your Career Objectives Are Different Than The Company

You may have started the job with big dreams, goals, and plenty of creativity. Now you feel suffocated as the objectives you envisioned aren’t the same as those of the company. Perhaps you are on a timeline to achieve certain things with your career and it isn’t happening in that organization. You may not have opportunities to advance there as you would elsewhere.

Take a good look at where you are now. What do you see in a year? 5 years down the road? 10 years in the future? If you can’t see the value for yourself and your career where you work now then it is time to look at something different. You don’t want to struggle and you certainly don’t want to have regrets when you look back at all of it.

Growth and Development Isn’t Offered Through a Mentor

Education and technical programs are amazing, but they don’t replace real-life experiences. For growth and development to occur professionally, you need a mentor. You need those with experience, core values, and decision-making skills to help guide and teach you. Knowing you can go to such individuals with ideas, with questions, or for help makes a difference. It can boost your confidence and it can help you take on bigger challenges than you imagined.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have such mentors in place. They don’t give them the opportunity to share what they know with other employees. This is a hidden gem and makes a world of difference. You often feel you got thrown into something and now you struggle to keep your head above water with it, you don’t have the help you should. This can create ongoing stress and make it hard to do your job well. If you’d like to learn more, I’ve also included a link to a more detailed article describing more tips on finding excellent mentors.

Time Commitment Leaves You Unavailable For Family Or Fun

The commitment of some jobs is over the top. No matter how much you give, it is never enough. There are no boundaries for your free time. You may be on-call, you may have a long commute daily, or you may travel all the time for work. Working overtime, always being on call, and other similar scenarios make it hard to plan with your loved ones. It can destroy those relationships.

It also makes it hard to take care of your own needs. A job shouldn’t result in not getting enough sleep night after night. It shouldn’t cause you to not eat well or have time for exercise. If your overall well-being is suffering because you commit all your time to that job it is time to look for another professional opportunity.

You may come to a crossroads if your job requires you to relocate. It may be due to restructuring or it may be a promotion. The cost of living in a new place has to be evaluated. Will you be able to sell your home? Is it worth it to live so far away from those you care about? If you have a family are they onboard with the move? If relocating isn’t in your best interest that could be the ideal time to put in your notice and find another option.

No Room For Growth Or Personal Creativity

You aren’t a robot, and your employer shouldn’t make you feel like one. If they ignore suggestions and solutions, it is time to move on. This limits your creativity and you will just go through the motions. There is no room for growth or the chance to try something new. They don’t support development. They just want you to do your job and not question the methods.

Earning more money is great, but there is more to job satisfaction than that. A position where you have more responsibility and new challenges are refreshing. It allows you to develop on a professional and personal level. It allows you to prove you have what it takes to excel. There can be challenges as you advance, but they will be worth it. They will help you learn new skills, improve your leadership, and educate you along the way. A job that doesn’t provide such options for you is a dead end.

No Incentives For You To Help The Business Grow

A successful business wants more than employees who show up. They want them to embrace the goals and plans for the future. They want them to be involved with creating a strategy to diversify and excel. They want to become a leader in their industry, and that requires the skills and input of talented employees.

Not all employers have incentives in place for employees. They don’t keep you in the loop about business growth or the future of it. They don’t inform employees of goals or the direction they wish to take with it. They want you to do your job and not question anything. It will become boring and mundane for you to be in such a role. If you are a problem solver, find a job where your talent is embraced.

The years you spend with a company is an investment of your time. Don’t let it go to waste. You should have a good idea of what they are doing and why they choose to do it that way. You should be excited about the progress taking place, new products or services introduced, and still enjoy going to work. Understanding the bigger picture can help you get through the ups and downs within that job too. Being driven by goals helps you to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Poor Management

It’s frustrating when the management at your business isn’t doing what they should. Perhaps they are inconsistent, or they don’t have the right training. They may show favoritism or there aren’t any repercussions for those who don’t complete their tasks as they should. Don’t be taken for granted in such a work environment. You shouldn’t pick up the slack for those that just don’t care.

It is better to find a new career where you can learn from your management. You can count on them to help you solve problems. They treat everyone with respect, and they are part of the solution. They are examples of quality leadership you can observe and model your behaviors after.

Your Values Go In A Different Direction From Those Of The Business

Don’t feel uneasy or embarrassed to tell someone where you work due to the reputation of that organization. They should be involved in legal and ethical practices, not cutting corners to make more money. If you find there is conflict because your values go in a different direction from there, it is time to move on.

Such a dilemma is going to pull you in two directions all the time. You will never feel a sense of personal satisfaction within such an organization. Instead, find a new career path where you can feel excited and passionate about what is going on. When your values align with those of the business, you will look forward to going to work!

Do What Works For You At Any Given Point In Time

You don’t have to stay in a job you aren’t happy with. It may have been a great opportunity when you started. Your needs change with time and the organization may have changed too. If you notice several of these signs where you are now, it is time to consider other options and see what opportunities are out there.

Don’t continue down a road with a career that is making you miserable. Don’t continue a job where your time for work and your time for other things isn’t balanced. Know your worth and explore a new option. It can be fun and exciting to try a new job and see what it has to offer to you. If you decide to take a new job, make sure you know a few proven tips and strategies for negotiating offers or raises so you have an increased chance of higher compensation than before. Overall, until you take the leap and explore the companies and opportunities, you won’t know what positive changes could be in store for you!