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STAR method resume

How to Ace The STAR Method Resume

Interviewers are looking for the most sustainable candidates for available jobs, and that is why the STAR method resume has become a popular option for filtering such candidates from the rest of the job’s applicants. STAR is an acronym for ‘Situation, Task, Action, Result.” Certain hiring experts agree that the utilization of the STAR technique provides hiring managers with an accurate estimation of the candidate’s future performance. Typically considered a behavioral interview tactic, the STAR methodology presents the interviewer with a way of gathering information about a candidate that is both flexible and effective.

While the STAR method is typically a tool leveraged by interviewers, there is no reason that its methodology cannot be adapted to the crafting of bullet points on an effective resume.

Examples of using the STAR method for resume writing

Seeing the STAR method in action can help clear up how it could be utilized in effective resume writing. Our example will presume a situation where a candidate is applying for a position the job posting of which includes the qualification of “inventory control.” While you can simply state that in your previous job position you managed inventory, the STAR method can be used to add greater clarity to the description you provide on the resume.

Here is a breakdown of the thought process:

  • Situation: While working as a branch manager at an industrial equipment warehouse, I was responsible for managing inventory maintenance, direct sales tracking, and shipment management.
  • Task: Prior to my hiring, the company had no cohesive inventory control system, resulting in a high cancelation volume due to delayed order fulfillment.
  • Action (verb): I was the leader of a team effort that was tasked with redesigning the company’s inventory control system, including new quality control implementations, revising the new hire training protocols, and improved network integration.
  • Result: Within a span of just four months, the company saw an 82% decline in canceled orders, a 37% increase in on-time fulfillment, and a 23% rise in profits by the end of the year.


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Putting it all together

When incorporating the above details, the work experience on your resume might resemble the following:

  • Led an effort for inventory management deficit resolution at ABC Corp.
  • Redesigned quality controls, staff training, inventory control system, and network integration.
  • Improved efforts across the board including a 45% on-time fulfillment rise, a 23% profit increase, and an 82% reduction in canceled orders.

Start each of your bullet point with an action verb. If pressed for space, the above bullet points can also be combined into the following paragraph form:

  • Resolved the inventory management deficit by redesigning quality controls, network integration, staff training, and inventory control systems; resulted in 45% on-time order fulfillment improvement, an 82% canceled order decrease, and a 23% profits increase.

Using the STAR technique, you not only created a more concise method of summarizing information, you provided a clear illustration of the value you provided your former employer.

STAR method resume

Why the STAR method works for resume writing

It is evident that the STAR method generates a resume that is significantly more compelling. Additionally, it answers many questions that a hiring manager may have before the interview ever takes place.

The most important question that any employer is looking to find out the answer to is whether you will be able to provide measurable value to their company. The STAR method provides the answer to this critical question in an easy-to-use format. It’s not imperative that every bullet point follows this particular format, a couple of high point examples from each job will make you really stand out as a candidate for the position.

Your past resumes may have relied on tired and dull employment descriptions, but it’s time to put those in the past and think like a STAR. You will find that not only will the STAR method help focus your thoughts on the information you really wish to convey to the prospective employer, it can also assist you in crafting a far more compelling resume. In turn, that will ensure the occurrence of more interviews for your dream job!

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STAR method resume

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