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Our ATS resume template for Word has been crafted by experts in the field of recruitment and HR, ensuring that it meets all the requirements of modern ATS systems. This means that your resume will be parsed correctly, with no important information left out. The template is easy to use, with clear instructions and placeholders for all the important sections of a resume.

One of the key features of our ATS resume template is its focus on keywords. We know that ATS systems are programmed to look for certain keywords and phrases, so we’ve made space for them to make sure that these are included in the template. This will increase the chances of your resume being selected for further review by a human recruiter.

In addition to its functional benefits, our ATS resume template is also visually appealing. It has a clean and modern design, with plenty of white space to make your content stand out. We’ve included options for customizing the color scheme and fonts, so you can tailor the template to your personal style.

Overall, our new ATS resume template for Word is a game-changer for job seekers. It takes the stress out of applying for jobs online and ensures that your resume is seen by the right people.

Download Free ATS-Friendly Resume Template

Besides great written content you want your resume to look modern as well. You want it to be easy to read and for the recruiter to find all the necessary information quickly. This is why you should use a modern formatted resume template. This resume template has proper margins and uses an easy-to-read font size (system font). The headings have been capitalized for them to better stand out. When filling in your resume, boldfacing growth percentages, dollar figures, and other key accomplishments is also a good strategy. With the help of our downloadable templates, you can create a resume for the job you are looking to land. The template is organized and for you to stand out it includes a touch of color. This template is great for most industries. Your resume is a critical component of the job search process that helps the applicant grab an employer’s attention, increasing their probability of selection. With this template, you can create a job-winning resume for yourself.

When using a modern ATS resume format you can fully focus on the resume content. You should make sure you use keywords in your resume, customize your resume for each position, list accomplishments and company your resume with a cover letter.

How to edit?

Replace the current filler text with the resume content you have crafted for yourself. Each section includes guiding text which makes it easier for you to write your resume. The template is in English but since everything is editable you can easily translate the headings and content.

You can edit this template with Microsoft Word or upload the .docx file to Drive and edit it with Google Docs.

What Does The Free Download Include?

• 1-page resume template for Word
• Modern 1-column resume design
• Simple and easy to edit

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