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Use TikTok to improve your career

How TikTok Can Help You Improve Your Career

TikTok is gaining popularity fast among other social networks having 1 billion monthly active users. So, whether you use it yourself or not, you’ve probably heard about it. It offers a large variety of content ranging from funny videos to learning content and trends. Besides entertaining videos, lip-synch, and life-hacks, TikTok can be used to find the top career advice as well. Heck, you can even find a job with it.

Use TikTok to Take Charge of Your Career

If you still do not have an account on TikTok, take your chance now. Even though the platform offers lots of different content, it will suggest topics based on what you like or look for. Career coaches and experts in various fields become TikTok creators sharing their expertise, useful information, tips and job advice. You can follow them and even pop a question if you get any. Creators often respond to the comments under their videos.

In the fast-changing world, it’s essential to keep up to date and learn all the newest trends in the field. TikTok helps you reach reliable and fresh information from the #1 experts and even gives you a chance to get job advice from them.

As the platform, it develops new ways for job seekers to creatively and authentically showcase skill sets, experiences, personalities, and the potential culture fit, there appeared numerous tips on how to improve your career with the help of TikTok. Here are a couple of the most efficient ways to use TikTok for your career.

1. Follow the right hashtags

The hashtag may come in very handy if you know what you are looking for. You can see that #careeradvice has gained around 1.9 billion views so far. Thus, you can find tons of useful content, from perks on preparing an eye-catching resume to even some job-hiring ads by using hashtags. For instance, some famous brands like HBO received 2,5 million views and 300 applications for summer internships through the #HBOMaxsummerintern tag campaign. Some of the other useful hashtags may be #nowhiring, #careerdevelopment, and so on. Why not give it a try and check for yourself?

Even though it doesn’t look like TikTok is turning into the job-seeking only platform, at least for certain job searches, it may be considered a promising one, which can greatly help get a job if used right.

2. Get direct career tips

Over half of Gen Z consumers are on TikTok now. As it is expected that Zoomers will comprise 30% of the workforce by 2030, these young people lacking experience with job interviews or only beginning their careers badly need tips and job advice.

Therefore, TikTok is becoming an easy way out. Instead of watching long videos on YouTube, one can find a short and useful video on TikTok from the tycoons of the HR or career development coaching fields. It is said that TikTok is a platform mainly used by Gen Z, who are starting their working life. Thus, the platform offers them an excellent opportunity to try and find their first job in a more creative way than most traditional job-seeking platforms.

3. Shape your brand

It is often hard to find yourself and what you want to be. Following the right content creators may help young people shape their brands, views, and the way they act in the sphere and stimulate healthy professional growth.

Popular content creators are called ‘influencers’ as they influence their audience and set an example. They inspire other people to do what they want to do most in their life but haven’t tried yet for one reason or another. Seeing other people do what you dream of can be a powerful call to action.

4. Find comfort and reassurance

Support and reassurance are something everybody needs and looks for, as we all experience failures in our lives, especially the ones connected to job interviews. On TikTok, you can find lots of people sharing their experiences and stories, proving that you are not alone in such a situation. By clicking comments under such videos, you will see people supporting and comforting one another, which helps you get through a hard time and regain self-confidence. As young people spend more and more time on social media, it becomes a powerful source where they seek support and comfort.

Besides failure stories, creators and their followers share success stories keeping the narrative positive. Thus, it provides hope and reassurance in your powers.

5. Follow career coaches

There are a lot of excellent content creators on TikTok, being at the same time professional career coaches, past hiring managers, or members of the workforce, who provide professional job advice on how to take charge of your career. Here is a couple of top talents.


Offers answers to such questions as what value you bring to employers when to discuss salary at the interview, whether it’s OK to bring up negative reviews about the company, and many more.


250,000 likes and gives lots of useful job advice for both newbies and experienced job seekers. You can find much information about finding a mentor to help you with a job offer and how to use networks to get a job in her short videos.


More than a million followers, brings up a discussion about feeling guilty for being unproductive, how to be less self-critical, how to respond to underrated offers and voice your disagreement on being overloaded, and many others.


Covers lots of interesting topics ranging from the best apps to use for job search, dealing with your colleagues and not getting into trouble at work to discussing job positions suitable for introverts and so on.


Even if you already have a job, you can learn more about how to keep your work environment healthy, how to avoid burnout, and improve your professional skills. All in all, social media and TikTok specifically can be valuable resource to find various tips and guides for landing a job, negotiating a promotion, or a salary raise. You can even try and find a great job offer there.