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Niche job websites

22 Top Niche Job Search Websites

Outside of job search engines and job boards that offer job listings for a range of different occupations, there are niche job search websites that offer listings for specific kinds of jobs and job seekers. Niche job search websites are a great resource for finding a job opening that might not be available on a regular job site. There are lots of great niche job search websites out there; too many to name actually. So, here are just the top niche job sites that are great for many job seekers.

Here we will be listing some of the best websites to find internships and jobs for college students, recent grads, local jobs, seasonal opportunities, volunteer opportunities, freelance work, tech jobs, finance jobs, and so much more. These niche sites give job seekers the tools they need to focus their job search efforts and take their career to the next level.

1. CollegeRecruiter.com

CollegeRecruiter is known as one of the best sites for both current college students and recent grads to find a job. Users are able to find entry-level internships and opportunities without having to look through endless numbers of postings that require them to have more experience; the kind of experience they don’t have. The website features survey data that college students will find helpful for finding a workplace that caters to their needs. Job seekers can also get their resume critiqued by an expert for free.

2. Efinancialcareers.com

Efinancialcareers.com gives job seekers the ability to find a job in 35 different finance niches including accounting, commercial banking, asset managing, investment banking, retail banking, trading, and derivatives. Users at the site are able to find jobs by searching for skill areas such as training, financial engineering, leadership, portfolio management, writing, research, and risk management.

3. Energy Jobline

Energy Jobline has a database packed with over 16,000 job opportunities in the energy, renewable energy, oil and gas, nuclear, and offshore sectors. Users can find jobs in a range of areas including administrative, trade, marketing, technical, engineering, and more.

Job candidates are able to complete their personal profiles to receive targeted job alerts. Energy Jobline also has a section dedicated to all the entry level positions available for the recently graduated. The website holds direct recruiting relationships with several employers in their niche, which is how they have so many quality job offers. They are an excellent source for news about the latest developments and trends in the field including extensive surveys of current professionals. This information will prove invaluable to job seekers preparing for a job interview.

4. CoolWorks.com

Cool Works is one of the best places for outdoors enthusiasts to find a job out in the great outdoors. The website is packed full of seasonal, part time, and full time jobs and internships for employers such as national parks, ranches, ski areas, resorts, and farms. Cool Works also offers international positions as well as domestic ones, and has fun search criteria such as finding jobs on horseback and jobs on water.

5. Environmental Career

Environmental Career has some handy search tabs covering a range of environmental job categories such as green jobs, renewable energy, environmental law, green jobs, environmental education, and environmental engineering. The website also has lots of environmental internships and a complete list of environmental degree programs for those interested.

6. Engineering.Jobs

Engineering.jobs has over 225,000 engineering job postings. Job seekers are able to filter their searches by the city, state, job title, and company. For example, a search for “mechanical engineer” will return over 10,000 job listings, and a search for “electrical engineer” will return around 16,000 listings.

7. HealthcareJobsite.com

HealthcareJobSite.com has over 225,000 different opportunities across a broad range of technician, support, nursing, and physician roles in the healthcare sector. The website allows users to make work samples a part of their profile to offer potential employers tangible evidence of their past achievements.

8. FlexJobs.com

Flex Jobs is a great resource for those want or require flexibility in balancing their work and the rest of their lives. Users are able to find jobs in the following areas – part-time work, full-time work, flexible scheduling, telecommuting, and alternative scheduling. The database on the website is filled with lots of opportunities in over 50 different job categories such as communications, management, human services, science, and project management. The only downside is that users will have to pay a monthly fee to get full access to everything the site offers.

9. GoodFoodJobs

Good Food Jobs is the place to be for candidates looking to integrate their love of food into their career. Jobs on the site are posted from food artisans, farmers, policy makers, restaurateurs, retailers, ecologists, economists, and more. The website also has a handy blog with success stories and profiles from people finding interesting food-related careers.

10. Internships.com

Internships.com is the best website for those looking for an internship. It houses over 260,000 jobs and internships with over 130,000 different organizations. Job seekers are able to find paid internships and summer opportunities on top of entry level jobs across a wide range of fields. The site is built with students in mind, enabling them to find opportunities related to their studies and college major.

11. OneWire.com

OneWire is used primarily by financial services, asset/investment management, accounting, and technology firms to find the best candidates to fill their vacancies. Job seekers can fil out a detailed profile that generates matches against openings in the OneWire database. Employers are able to search the candidate database to find the right prospects based on their profiles.

12. Public Relations Society

The Public Relations Society of America maintains the industry cleaninghouse for jobs across media relations, corporate communications, integrated marketing communications, and public relations firms. It is different from other professional groups in that job seekers don’t actually have to be a member of the Public Relations Society themselves to get access to job listings. Members of the public are able to use the system to apply for their jobs directly via email.

13. SalesGravy

SalesGravy allows job seekers interested in sales jobs to find the opportunities that match their specific criteria. Users can search for positions using their location, industry, and preferred salary level. The site also has handy search tabs that isolate different jobs by the state they are located in.

14. MediaBistro.com

Media Bistro is a specialist niche job website built around social media, public relations, advertising, TV, radio, design, and publishing jobs. The website also offers advice and news about these job fields, as well as information on all the latest courses and events for learners.

15. SalesJobs.com

SalesJobs.com is another website for jobs in the sales industry. Users can search through over 100,000 sales jobs across over 49,000 employers. They are able to find jobs by industry including food, technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, entertainment, and advertising.

16. SnagAJob.com

SnagAJob is the ideal niche job search website for students, part time workers, and transitional workers looking to find basic hourly employment near them. The website has a whole host of temporary and ongoing jobs in retail, service, and hospitality. Each job is listed in order of proximity to where you live.

17. Stackoverflow.com

Stackoverflow offers programmers and developers the chance to find jobs and network with their fellow professionals. One unique feature of the website is that it has a question feature. Members of the opportunity are able to post – and answer – questions and challenges related to technology. Job seekers are able to build their visibility and credibility on the website by showcasing their knowledge to other members by answering their questions.

18. TalentZoo.com

Many of the leading companies in media, advertising, and marketing tap into Talent Zoo to fill their vacant positions. Job seekers are able to use the website to search through four categories of vacancies; advertising, creative design, marketing, and geek and web. The website also has useful blogs and articles about the latest trends in these industries and top quality job search advice and tips.

19. YouTern.com

YouTern is a database of internships and an informative blog packed full of useful articles about searching for jobs and networking with other professionals.

20. USAJobs.com

USA Jobs is where you want to go to find a government job. Users can search for jobs by their location, occupation, agency, and job title. Disabled people and veterans are able to find staff and resources that can help them secure a government position. USA Jobs outlines the federal hiring process in clear detail so you can understand it.

21. Dice.com

Dice.com is the best place to find tech jobs. Job seekers can search by job title, company, employment type, keyword, and location. Users can create accounts to upload their resume, get information on salaries, store their resumes and cover letters, and keep track of jobs. Dice also offers tech news and career advice to job seekers.

22. BMJ Careers

BMJ Careers Mental Health is the first and only job board dedicated to helping mental health professionals find work and mental health employers find candidates. They feature a wide variety of vacancies covering different occupations offered in different settings in the mental health sector.

Know other niche job search websites? Add them in the comments below.