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College Students: How to Prepare for Virtual Career Fairs

How to prepare for virtual career fairs

With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, attending virtual career fairs is a great way to get your foot in the door and network with potential employers. Find out how to prepare for virtual career fairs that are geared towards Gen Z and the current hiring market.

How to Identify Your Career Interests as a Student or Young Professional

Identify career interest

While traditional methods like career assessments and job shadowing are helpful, in this article, we’ll explore some unique ways to identify your career interests that you might not have considered before.

An All-In-One Pre-Graduation Checklist to Starting Your Professional Career

Pre graduation checklist

You’re so close to finishing your college/university experience, the finish line is in sight- Congratulations! As you look towards the future and the start of your professional career, consider this handy, all-in-one pre-graduation checklist to help start your journey after school off right.