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Why you Should Attend Career Fairs

Why you Should Attend Career Fairs

Are you on the hunt for a job? Getting tired of sending out dozens of resumes and not hearing back? If that sounds like you, then put on your finest clothes, grab some copies of your resume, and head to career fairs near you. You’ll have the chance to meet face-to-face with major employers and interview for a range of positions during the day. You’ll be connecting with the people that are making hiring decisions. This saves you a lot of time too because there’s no need to create a personal statement for every different company. Just tell them in person why you want to work there and use the chance to sell yourself.

Why you Should Attend Career Fairs

These career fairs will give you the rare chance to meet a lot of different employers and representatives all in a single place. This allows you to have a number of short interviews directly with HR team members and submit resumes. You also have the option to inquire about their online recruitment process and interviews. This gives you an advantage over the people that don’t go to the job fair. Keep in mind that you will have trouble meeting these people again outside of the job fair, so give it everything you’ve got.

Get Valuable Feedback on your Resume

These potential employers will be able to provide effective feedback on your resume. You’ll find out if the job position you’re interested in is something that is in demand at the companies that you’re interested in working for, and you’ll learn if you can meet the basic requirements for that position. These employers can provide you with information on the actual qualifications and experience you need. This includes things such as your work experience, the average salary of the job, and the minimum educational requirements. Keep in mind you need to ask short and simple questions to get this information, but be friendly about it. That way you can learn as much as possible in the small amount of time you get.

Discover New Recruitment Trends

Career fairs allow you to stay on top of the latest recruitment trends for your field. By interacting with a number of employees like this, you’ll discover some companies have similar requirements. You might learn that a number of representatives want to find someone who is competent in a particular piece of software or some new technology. That way, you’ll learn the kind of skills you need to beat out other candidates and land the job of your dreams.

These are just some of the key benefits of attending a job fair. Remember that you need to do some preparation to get the most out of a career fair. Be sure to arrive early, get as many interviews as you can, and pass out as many copies of your resume as you can.