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4 Ways Working In An Oilfield Construction Company Can Be An Ideal Career Choice

Working in an oilfield construction company can be physically and mentally challenging for anyone but it comes with other several benefits you can’t ignore. The oilfield construction sites are located in remote regions and often involve work that is inherently dangerous. However, to compensate for this inconvenience companies offer a handsome salary package, additional medical benefits, extra holidays to spend with your loved ones, and whatnot, making it an ideal career choice for anyone interested. Here are a few exceptional benefits of working in an oilfield construction company.

1. Handsome Salary Package

Oilfield construction jobs are highly paid jobs because of the nature of the work. Companies make sure the employees are given a handsome salary package to retain their interest and passion. Even the ordinary workers there can earn easily $200-$400 per day. If you have a senior position, you’ll be given more, depending on the experience and your degree.

In addition to basic pay, there are more bonuses and incentives to keep the morale of the staff high all the time. The company tries to compensate its employees in every possible way.

2. More Time Off Than Your Traditional Job

Another huge benefit that makes working in an oilfield construction company an ideal career choice is that you get more time off than a traditional job. For instance, most of the oil rigs programs are known as 14/21 or 14/14 day programs. That means you will work for 2 weeks and get an off for the next two to three weeks.

Having more days off gives you an opportunity to keep a work-life balance. You will work but you’ll get enough rest too to recuperate your energy for the next two weeks. In this way, you can give ample time to your family and relax mentally and physically.

3. Additional Benefits

Oilfield construction companies give medical insurance to their employees, considering the nature of the job. This can help reduce medical bills for the person to a great extent. You don’t have to compromise your health as you’ll have access to the best medical care to keep you in good health without any additional expenses.

Oilfield construction sites are often in remote areas where you can seldom find any public transport on your days off. Therefore, the company itself bears all the transportation costs of the employees so they can frequently visit their families on their days off. The best part is that there are no additional charges for transportation.

4. Free Quality Accommodation

Another irresistible benefit of working for an oilfield construction company is that they offer free quality accommodation to their employees. Oilfield construction sites are in remote areas where you can’t find feasible accommodation yourself and even if you do it would be costly. Most of the oilfield companies give free accommodation as part of the package and do not charge for it. Yet there are others who charge negligible amounts in exchange for quality accommodation.

In addition, accommodation is not the only thing that we provide to the employees. They are given three meals to look after their nutritional needs. Moreover, laundry services are also provided to keep them comfortable and relaxed after work.

The Bottom Line

Hence, working in an oilfield construction company can be challenging but every job has its own challenges. However, working in an oilfield gives one an additional benefit of a high-paid salary, medical benefits, and more days off than any other traditional job.

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