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Article Guidelines

  • Content must be unique and never published anywhere else before
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  • Article should be at least 800 words long
  • Use headings (H2-H3) in your text, as this helps structure the content
  • The post needs to be informative, authoritative, and credible (not salesy)
  • Always backup your statistics and statements with proof from credible sources (add link to source)
  • We do not accept infographic submissions
  • In the era of ChatGPT, we check that all articles pass the AI content detector
  • The Flesch readability score needs to be above 60
  • We reserve the right to update links and information as required in articles that are archived on the Career Reload website

External Linking Guidelines

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  • We reserve the right to remove any links we deem inappropriate, irrelevant, or only for the purpose of link building
  • All links need to be direct links. We do not accept affiliate links in article

What kind of articles are we looking for?

  • Career Advice: Job Search, Resume Tips, Cover Letter Tips, Job Interview Tips
  • Leadership & management articles
  • Side Hustle related articles
  • We are looking to publish evergreen articles, so nothing specific on year or event. Seasonal content is fine e.g. Is December a Great Time to Find a Job?

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