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Free Word Resume Templates

Download free resume templates for Microsoft Word

Selection of free Microsoft Word resume templates with clear design that will help the recruiter skim through your resume. The resumes on this page are in Microsoft Word .docx format.

All of the Word resumes presented on this page are completely free to download. Make a winning resume in minutes with the help of our free Word resume templates. Our professional and free resume templates for Word will help you land interviews. No need to struggle with designing your resume layout. Now you can get a professional resume in no time with our free resume templates for Word!

See our CV library of the best resume templates below. Choose from basic, modern, or ATS friendly resume templates for Word. Most of our templates are 1 page resumes but we do offer 2 page resumes under the executive resume templates category. You can add more pages to any of the templates.

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Free resume templates

Ready to Impress Recruiters With Our Free Resume Templates for word?

Pick your favorite from our selection of downloadable free resume templates, edit it and either print or save it as PDF and email. It is a lot easier to get started with a template, all you need to do is to follow the outline and fill in your information. These traditional resume designs are great for job seekers nearly any industry. Don’t forget to download the matching cover letter templates. Did you know that roughly 50% of HR reps won’t even look at your resume if there is no cover letter.

Use the categories below to find the right resume template on word format.

Other Resume Formats Available

If you need resume templates in other format than Word, we got you covered

ATS Resume Templates

Download free ATS resume templates for Microsoft Word. These ATS friendly resume templates will make sure that your resume is recognized by Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ATS resume templates might be a bit plainer but they are a safe choice when picking an ATS friendly resume templates.

ATS resume template
free ATS resume template
ATS-friendly resume template
ATS Friendly Resume Template - Free Download for Word
2 column ATS resume template for Word
Word ATS resume template

Executive Resume Templates

Download free executive resume templates for Microsoft Word. Professional 2 page resume templates designed for executive level candidates but can be tailored to any position. These are ATS friendly resume templates.

Executive resume template
Free executive resume template
Executive resume template for Word

Entry-Level Resume Templates

Download free entry-level resume templates for Microsoft Word. Designed for new graduates, students and those who have little work experience. Instant download free resume templates for Word.

Download free resume templates
free entry level resume template
Free Word CV template

Skills-based Resume Templates

Download free skills-based Word resume. Great for freelancers, career changers and entry-level applicants. Instant download free resume templates for Word.

Freelancer resume template
Freelancer Resume Template - Free Download
Free resume template freelancer

Career Change Resume Templates

Download free career change resume templates for Microsoft Word. Professional resume templates designed for career changers. Resume template Word free download.

Career change resume template
Free career change resume
Resume for career change

Resumes of Famous People

View examples of exceptional career achievements in one page. Download single page resumes in Word format.

Elon Musk resume template
Bill Gates single page resume
Steve Jobs resume template

Modern Resume Templates

Download free modern resume templates for Microsoft Word. These modern resume designs are great for job seekers nearly in any industry.
Download resume template on word format.

Free resume layout for Microsoft Word
Clear Resume Template for Word
Download Resume Template for Word
Free modern Word resume template
Free resume template download for Word
Free CV template for Word
Free creative Word resume template
Free resume template for Word
Free Word resume template
Free resume with photo
Free Word resume template download
Free Word resume template
Free Resume templates for Word
Free Resume Templates for Microsoft Word
Free resume template with photo
Free Word resume template
Free nurse resume template
Nursing resume template

Best Resume Templates – Free Resume Templates Word

Download our best free resume templates Word. These top resume templates will make sure that your resume gets noticed.

Free modern resume template
Red resume template
Feminine resume template julia
Professional resume template
Free resume layout
Resume template design
Creative resume template
Resume with monogram
Visual resume template

How to Choose the Right Visual Resume Template

Consider the following:

  • Your current situation – Start by picking the right resume format (Chronological, Functional, or Combination) based on your current situation.
  • Industry – After that consider your industry, are you applying to a creative field or something like accounting where a more toned-down resume would be appreciated.
  • Size of the company – The size of the company also matters. If you are applying for a big organization where it’s expected that many applicants will apply, it’s most likely that they’ll use ATS, and then you should pick a resume suitable to pass ATS.
free ATS resume template

ATS Resume

ATS-friendly resume template is good for any type of job. Just about every large company uses ATS to screen candidates, and many middle-sized organizations also make use of them. ATS resume might be boring but it is a safe choice.

Free modern resume template

Modern Resume

Modern resumes are great when applying for smaller companies. Low key, modern resumes are great for e.g. accountants. Modern resumes are also good when you need to print your resume (e.g. career fairs)

Creative PowerPoint resume

Creative Resume

Creative resumes have a bit more design to them and are great for visual and creative fields such as graphic designer, marketer, etc. Creative resumes are also good when you need to add a photo to your resume (e.g. actor, model, etc.)

Downloadable Free Resume Templates to Create an Original Resume

Originality is valued by employers. While using Microsoft word resume templates can be beneficial, don’t adhere to it rigorously. A tailored CV is the top approach for job seekers to boost their chances of securing a job, according to more than 60% of hiring managers.

The resume template on word are intended to serve as a starting point, but they should be customized to suit your needs. Make Word resumes easy to read by formatting it in a way that highlights your qualifications.

Make sure the material on Word resumes is presented in a logical order when you’re writing it.

You can edit these documents in MS Word and the ATS resume templates also work great with other softwares as well as browser version of MS Word. The headings can be edited so you can easily translate the resume. The basic resume includes your name and title, summary, education, work history and skills. As an addition to this, if applicable, you can list accolades, accomplishments, certificates, volunteer work and publications for example. What comes to writing your resume, here are few tips: mention achievements in your previous positions, only include relevant information and prioritize the most important information and most importantly, include keywords from the job ad.

Get Started With Our Free Word CV Templates

Found your favorite? Click on any of the templates above to download free word resume template. The above resume library was designed to help job seekers with their job search. These resume templates for word have performed the best in landing job interviews and now we are offering them to you for free to download in Microsoft Word format. Free Word CV templates will help the recruiter find all the important information fast and this increases your chances to get called for the job interview. Most of all Word CV templates will help you save time because you don’t need to do all the document setup from scratch. Make Career Reload your go to place whenever you need free Word resumes. We’ll update and add new resumes to this page so be sure to bookmark it for later!

Be sure to view the rest of our free resources. We offer great tools for job seekers such as planners, checklists, thank you letter templates, resignation letter templates and so on.