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Why Job Seekers Need a Personal Business Card + What to Include In It

If you are looking for new job opportunities, it is essential to have a personal business card. Your company business card cannot help you start a side hustle or land some freelance work. If you are ambitious and eager to advance your career, consider having a personal business card because:

It improves your confidence

It is easier to approach a potential contact with a business card than empty-handed. Your business card gives you an upper hand when meeting potential employers.

You can control your story

With a few words, you can express yourself professionally to potential employers. Describe who you are and who you want to be in the future. You can include a Linkedin, portfolio or even a blog link on your business card for potential employers to learn more about you. Also you’d rather have them contact you on your personal phone number or email than the company you work for now.

It’s easy for people to remember you

Your business card makes it easy for potential employers to remember you (even after some time) and hire you. It is a reminder of your hope, dedication, and hard work.

What to include in your personal business card

It is crucial to determine what to include and what to leave out in your personal business card because it can increase or reduce your career chances. Here are some of the things you should include:

Name (the one they should Google)

Generally use your given name. However, if you have a name you use professionally, use it instead. E.g. if you are a writer and have written articles or even books under a different pen name, you might want to use that if you want your work to be discovered when people Google you.

What you do and prefer to do in the future

Maybe you are a statistical analyst but want to do web design. What your current job title is might not be what you want to be doing or what your side hustle is about. Think about what you’d like to call yourself. For example, writer, graphic designer, digital marketer, etc. It is essential to have set goals.

Personal portfolio site

It is crucial to have a personal portfolio site because it explains who you are in detail. If you don’t have one, start creating one now!

Phone number and personal e-mail

Include at least two ways people can contact you. Your phone number (cellphone number) and email address are ideal because contacts can reach you with ease. Remember to check your email regularly to avoid missing opportunities or vital messages.

Social handles

Sometimes including your social handles can give an insight about who you are to the potential contact. Think of what best showcases the thing that you want to promote. If you are a man or woman of words include Twitter. If what you do is more visual then consider including Instagram. Keep the end goal in mind when picking which social channels to include.

Personal logo (optional)

Although this is optional, you can include a personal logo if you have one. However, if you don’t, then don’t sweat it and just keep it simple.

Do not include the following

  • Too much design – the main objective is to have people focusing on your information and not graphics.
  • Mailing address – sharing your mailing (home) address with other people is not advisable. It also takes a lot of space on your card. Your cellphone number and email address are a good start.
  • Typos – avoid having typos on your business card. Typos can hurt your chances of landing a job because they show irresponsibility. Double and even triple-check your business card before printing it.
  • QR code – people do not use QR codes nowadays. It is easier for potential contacts to type your website’s URL instead of scanning a QR code.

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